A Country Walk through the City

Set out on a pleasant walk while also examining the more rural historical sights. After all, walking is the healthiest and most natural form of movement, and, in Pilsen, there are places and neighbourhoods worth discovering.

You will find links to the maps and indicated routes below in the article.

A walk from Koterov

You can start your walk in Koterov, a historical village boasting one of the most beautiful and well-preserved village squares in Pilsen. Surely, the most interesting part of Koterov is its traditional-style town centre, with its precious reminders of folk architecture. In Koterov, you’ll find twelve protected buildings, including the small chapel and the beautiful gymnasium.

…through Božkov to Lobezský park: MAP

From Koterov, walk along the river on the Údolím Úslavy (Úslava River Valley) nature trail to Božkov, yet another compelling historical village that’s worth visiting. By following the recommended path, you’ll arrive at the Božkov town square, where an array of impressive rural buildings can be seen. The Božkov neighbourhood, however, isn’t only interesting thanks to the fact that local liqueur maker Stock produces beloved spirits here (e.g. Fernet). You should also check out the jewels that are the protected historical buildings, of which Božkov has twelve, including both a small and large chapel. We recommend ending this relaxing walk in Lobezský park, which is a great place to regain your strength. The entire walk is 5.5 km long, crosses unchallenging terrain, and can be easily managed by anyone.

A walk from Černice…

The historical town centre of Černice, which actually used to be a stand-alone city, was built in the first half of the 15th century and belonged to the city of Pilsen. Today, this tourist-ready, historical “Rustic Village Square” is bustling, and that’s mainly thanks to the Purkmistr Brewery and its beer spa. As soon as you’ve seen enough of the classic folk buildings, you can set off from this Baroque wayside shrine and make your way towards Radobyčice and Hradiště.

…through Hradiště to Homolka: MAP

Even though Hradiště isn’t a protected historical village and it doesn’t have a brewery or liqueur maker, you can find wonderful rural buildings here and enjoy a pleasant rest down by the water. The Hradiště outdoor swimming area is a fantastic place in the summer that offers both a functioning summer theatre and a refreshing dip in the Úhlava River. And if you’re planning on heading back to town through Slovany, be sure to stop by Homolka Park, where the Smetanka Café is open for business as of spring. This pleasant walk comes in at 6 km long.