A guide to Pilsen’s hotels, or where to stay in Pilsen

Do you like always being in the centre of the action, or would you prefer a peaceful place in nature? Do you travel alone, with the whole family, or with a dog?  Pilsen offers countless accommodation options. We’ve prepared for you a practical guide that will help you find the right place that’s perfect for you, and that’s whether you’re visiting during the high season or not.

When you want to be in the (historical) centre of the action

Do you want to be in the right spot so you won’t miss a thing? A place where you can enjoy beautiful views of the Pilsen city centre while at breakfast? Or maybe you typically run a bit late and just want to be sure that you won’t miss your scheduled tour of the brewery, even if that means arriving in your pyjamas? No problem, we’ve got tips here to cover every scenario.

In the historical centre of Pilsen, you’ll find a number of pleasant hotels and guest houses. Anyone looking to sleep over in Pilsen with a view of St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral can stay at the Hotel Central, located right on Republic Square. You’ll also have just a short trip to the city square by boarding at the hotel Rango or the guest house U Salzmannů, where the oldest beerhouse in Pilsen can also be found, right on Pražská Street.

From your room at Vienna House Easy, you can make your way to the Pilsner Urquell Brewery in less than a minute. Or you can have a view of the brewery, the Mill Race, and the football stadium from the hotel Courtyard by Marriott.


In the hotel Continental and its view of the city’s green belt of gardens, you’ll almost feel like you’ve stepped back in time to how the country looked before the war. You’ll also have the historical city centre in the palm of your hand if you stay at Avenue Pallova 28 in the Mill Race, where the overview of the city will take your breath away. For those intent on finding accommodation in a more peaceful part of town, we recommend the Parkhotel near Bory Park , or Hotel Panorama close to Košutecké Lake.

When you’re looking for sports activities and relaxation

Are you not giving up on your New Year’s resolutions and want to hit the gym even while visiting Pilsen? Then stay at one of the hotels Vienna House Easy or Courtyard by Marriott, both offer fully-equipped fitness studios. You can also get a good workout at Parkhotel, and not only at the gym but on the covered tennis court as well.

Once you finish exercising, you deserve some proper relaxation time at a wellness centre. You can enjoy the sauna, steam room, or jacuzzi if you stay at the Hotel Central, located right on Republic Square, as well as at the Green Gondola in the Mill Race. If you’re searching for a slightly less traditional experience, elect for a night in the brewery courtyard at Purkmistr in Černice, where a beer bath in the local brewery is waiting for you.

When you’re travelling with a dog

Were you unable to get somebody to watch your four-legged friend? No worries, we know where you and your pet can stay problem-free (or for a small additional fee).

Right in the centre of the city, you can find accommodation with your dog at Avenue Pallova 28 as well as the hotel Courtyard by Marriott. Both can be found nearby the Mill Race and the expansive green belt of gardens that lead all the way to the confluence of the Mže and Radbuza Rivers, where you can go to enjoy longer walks. If you want to be even closer to nature, choose the hotel ibis in the Bory fields or the guest house U Gigantu in Doudlevce. By going on a short walk from either side, you’ll make your way to the Bory Dam or the Bohemian Valley Water Reservoir (České údolí) as well as Bory Park. From the hotel Primavera, you’ll be a stone’s throw from Hradiště, a pleasant site in nature near the Úhlava river. Hotel Panorama in Lochotín entices visitors to take a walk around Košutecké Lake.

If you’re going to bring your animal friend with you, don’t forget to make all the necessary arrangements with the accommodation provider beforehand. You’ll find plenty of pet-friendly hotels and guest houses in Pilsen as well as walking paths here. You’ll find tips on where to stay with children on our special Pilsen website for children, as well as everything you need to plan your family trip.