Autumn in Pilsen entices many to enjoy walks in nature

As the days gradually become shorter and the weather cloudy, these changes quite understandably mark the coming of autumn. That, however, does not mean it’s time to stay indoors. Rather we would recommend making good use of those last few warmer, sunny days and heading out for a walk through Pilsen’s nature. We have prepared several tips for you of places where the leaves have beautifully changed their colours, and you can enjoy the fresh air.

Take a stroll along the Radbuza River and visit two one-of-a-kind gardens on the way

By walking opposite the current of the Radbuza River, heading away from the centre of the city until you reach the end of town, you will discover two garden areas – The Hruška Meditation Garden and the Luft Garden. From your walk along the river, you can also admire Pilsen’s former industrial area, which includes the old paper mill Papírna and DEPO2015. Be sure to make a stop at the Škoda Sport Park in Pilsen’s Doudlevce neighbourhood. This location is popular among athletes in the summer months, including roller-skaters, skateboarders, and beach volleyball players.

The goal of your walk can be a visit to the Meditation Garden, which was created by the political prisoner, Luboš Hruška, on the elevated bank of the Radbuza River. Here you can also observe the Monument to the Victims of Evil, which acts as a reminder of the horrors committed by the former totalitarian regime. Only a few dozen metres from the Meditation Garden, you’ll then discover the Luft Garden and its numerous ponds and rare trees that line the water’s edge.

Nature right in the centre of the city? Enjoy Pilsen’s green circle of gardens in the fall

In Pilsen, you don’t have to go far to enjoy a bit of nature, all it takes is making a trip to the heart of the city. Here an unrivalled circle of gardens hugs the city centre, which are now covered in wondrous autumn colours. You can start your walk at the Great Theatre, continuing through both the Smetanovy sady and Kopeckého sady parks, and down to the Museum of West Bohemia.

Then continue to the Šafaříkovy sady and Křižíkovy sady parks, until you reach the favoured Mill Race, which used to go by the nickname “Pilsen’s Venice”. To make your stroll even that much more enjoyable, be sure to make a stop for a cup of coffee or tea in any one of the nearby cafés. And, if after all that, you’re still looking for more, you can leave Mill Race and take a leisurely walk all the way to the Štruncovy sady park, where you can then extend your walk around the football stadium and to the confluence of both the Radbuza and Mže Rivers.

How many ponds can you make it to in one afternoon?

The Bolevec Ponds are primarily visited by Pilseners during the summer months, as they make up many popular swimming spots. However, as each day brings cooler autumn mornings and a light fog sitting over the water, the opportunity for a romantic walk around the ponds becomes possible. Feel free to choose any of the paths that lead around the Large or Small Bolevec Ponds, Kamenný or Šidlovský Ponds, or go ahead and walk around all of them. There are also public transportation options for arriving at the ponds – exit one of the trams at their final stops of Košutka or Bolevec, or take bus no.30.

Fallow deer and pine trees from all over the world at Arboretum Sofronka

When going for a walk around the ponds towards the northern edge of Pilsen, we would absolutely recommend making a stop at Arboretum Sofronka. Originally, the Arboretum was used as a research area, sixty different kinds of pine trees from all over the world grow here. Today, the area is open to visitors, who can check out the fallow deer and forest life from two observation towers. In addition, smaller visitors can play on the tree-like playground, whereas the instructional nature path can then teach children about the unique properties of wood.