BLIK BLIK: The Mysterious Forest

From May until Christmas, you can attend the light-interactive exhibit BLIK BLIK Mysterious Forest in Pilsen, which combines digital art and technology with games and entertainment for the whole family. The 12 interactive installations of prominently Czech audiovisual creators evoke the atmosphere of the forest on a 450 m2 screen. The mysterious and magical environment is full of fairy-tale-like elements, fantasy, games, lights, shadows, and sounds.

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Tajuplný les - BLIK BLIK Mysterious forest exhibition in DEPO2015
11.05.2021 - 19.12.2021
80 - 150 CZK
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What else is waiting for you in the Mysterious Forest?

The entire exposition is set up as a path that takes you from the real world to various forest worlds, each of which with its own story and atmosphere. Similar to the stories of Lewis Carroll, visitors enter a world of fantasy via a rabbit hole. You then find yourself at the bottom of a pond, discovering the secrets of the bewitched pools and the shining, programmable trees. You then master the spell of the Napkin, only to spread out and walk through a magical landscape akin to that of the Avatar, later to get lost in a psychedelic rainforest. Plus, before entering, children are given magic wands, thanks to which they can bring various parts of the exposition and individual installations to life.

Practical Information

Entrance to the exposition is only permitted with an FPP2-type respirator or NANO face mask and after having applied disinfectant to your hands. The exhibit is continuously cleaned and disinfected. Max. 30 people allowed in the exhibit at the same time.

Opening hours

September – December:
Monday – Friday 14:00-18:00
Saturday – Sunday 10:00-18:00

Tajuplný les - BLIK BLIK Mysterious forest exhibition in DEPO2015