Gems with the Smell of Petrol

Gems with the Smell of Petrol is one of the largest automobile events in the Czech Republic. A unique display of automobile veterans is held in the spacious cultural centre of DEPO2015. Here you can admire approximately two hundred historic and luxurious vehicles, ranging from sports cars, limousines, F1 racers, and jeeps to legendary race and service vehicles. Apart from the unique car show of various manufacturers, test drives, automobile-themed exhibitions, entertaining children’s programmes, concerts, and good food will also be waiting for you.

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sport cars Gems woth the smell of Petrol exhibition in Pilsen
16.07.2021 - 18.07.2021
Tickets sold at the festival gate

Gems with the smell of Petrol - car veterans including trabants

polished car veterans in the DEPO2015