Interactive exhibition Trnka’s Garden 2

You can visit the revived story of the most successful children’s book by Jiří Trnka, The Garden, at DEPO2015. The exposition Trnka’s Garden 2 (Trnkova Zahrada 2) presents the original fairy-tale story in the form of a multimedia installation. Jiří Trnka’s illustrations are conveyed in a colourful, magical garden, teleporting visitors to this world’s very heart. Children can embody the characters of the young boys from the book and experience their adventure hands-on. They’ll encounter a stone dwarf, a mischievous tomcat, kind-hearted elephants, a clever whale, and even a pack of singing dogs. The exhibition is open Monday to Friday, from 14-18h, and from 10-18h on weekends, holidays, and during the summer season. You can visit this interactive exposition until the end of December.

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Interactive exhibition Trnka’s Garden 2 at DEPO2015.
06.05.2023 - 31.12.2023
140 - 560 CZK
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