Paper Nativity scene at the Kozel Manor House

The Nativity scene is a distinct symbol of Christmas. You can find one throughout the entire holiday season at nearly every church, market, and even in many homes. Nativity scenes made of straw, wood, ceramic, porcelain, and also paper. To see some made of paper, head over to the riding hall at the Kozel Manor House, where you’ll find it on display. Here you’ll see both current and historic examples, and you can also draw inspiration from the various techniques used to decorate the trees as well as learn more about the wonders of the world of Czech Christmas traditions. The exhibit is open every weekday from 10:00-15:30, and from 13:00-16:00 on weekends. Before visiting, we recommend checking the opening hours on the Kozel Manor House website.

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Paper Nativity scene at the Kozel Manor House.
27.11.2022 - 06.01.2023
100 CZK