Kladruby Monastery

The Kladruby Monastery is the pride of West Bohemia’s historical sights, all of which is thanks to the former Benedictine monastery with the third largest temple in the Czech Republic. No one other than Santini himself was the author of this Baroque design. Aside from the monastery, Kladruby also boasts the Church of St. Jacob, a plague column and an educational nature path. In addition, a wide array of cultural events and concerts are held here during the summer months.


Opening hours

April – October

Opening hours


Admission fee

Tour routes monastery

Adults CZK 200
Students and seniors CZK 160
Children CZK 60
Free admission for children ages 6 and younger

Tour routes chateau

Adults CZK 180
Students and seniors CZK 140
Children CZK 60
Free admission for children ages 6 and younger

Public transport stop

No public transportation connections. Kladruby is located approx. 35 km from Pilsen.

Klášter Kladruby
349 61 Kladruby

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Kladruby and Santini

The Benedictine monastery in Kladruby was established by Vladislaus I, Duke of Bohemia, in 1115. This Czech monarch is even buried in the monastery, making him one of the few lords to be buried in this manner outside of Prague. While taking a tour you will learn more about the history of the Kladruby Monastery and you will get to view the Baroque and Gothic-style Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, St. Wolfgang and St. Benedict, which was built by Jan Blažej Santini Aichel, the famous architect of Baroque structures both in and outside the Pilsen region. The Kladbury Monastery is considered the largest and most challenging of Santini’s works.

Fragrance Archive

Apart from the Baroque and Gothic-style architecture of the monastery, you can also discover a unique, sensory-oriented exposition – The Fragrance Archive. This is a permanent exposition of scented materials, fragrances and perfumes. Here you will have the opportunity to smell more than 120 substances, extracts and plants. You can also familiarize yourself with a number of perfumes created for the Kladruby Monastery as well as various kinds of original incense. The Fragrance Archive is open to visitors every weekend from May until the end of October.

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