LOW COST Pilsen: Even at a small price…

… you can find some great music in Pilsen. And culture too! Do you want to take a trip to this West Bohemian metropolis, but you’ve got one pocket empty and the other feeling a little light? No worries. Even with little to no money in your pocket, you can visit Pilsen for the music, as well as a number of exhibits and other cultural experiences. So, where do you want to go first?

First stop

If you’re from out of town and aren’t really familiar with Pilsen, we would recommend making your first stop at the Tourist Information Centre on Republic Square, which is located right next to City Hall. Once there, you can receive a free map of the city, programmes detailing various events, and an array of great advice. Then you can head off into the big city with the confidence to find those promised cultural experiences.

Museums and galleries

Opportunities to visit museums for free in Pilsen can be found all throughout the year. Just as with other cities around the world, a number of museums offer free admission every first Monday of the month. For instance, you can go “ticket-less” to the Gallery of West Bohemia, i.e. the most significant gallery institution in the Pilsen region, which houses displays in its two exposition halls: Masné krámy and “The 13”. But if you end up missing out on that first Monday of the month, there’s no need to worry, as you’ll find admission to be quite cheap.

You can also check out Ladislav Sutnar Gallery for free. This gallery at 11 Riegrova Street, named after the great Pilsen designer who became famous overseas, hosts exhibitions of domestic and visiting teachers and students, and also presents the work of related foreign artists, designers, and institutions as part of a cross-border cooperation.


You can see a lot of “ticket-free” art at the former industrial area of DEPO2015. You can visit the Suška´s Observation Tower in the depot courtyard. Or you can head over to the area in front of the so-called “Klempírna” (Tinsmith), which is always decorated with some sort of art. Other, smaller exhibitions can also be enjoyed for free within the depot’s main building, where you can learn about the history of this former transportation hub.In addition, a small artistic exhibit can be found in the local DEPOCAFÉ.


Plenty of free concerts are held in Pilsen every year, during traditional festivals and other regularly held markets on the city square. Without a doubt we would also recommend visiting the club Hifi, which is a guaranteed good time. This music club primarily focuses on Folk & Bluegrass, and it can be found right on Pilsen’s Republic Square.

Street artists also add to Pilsen’s local atmosphere, as they play for smiles and a few coins in their hats. You are most likely to find them at U Branky (see map), which is the same area where many professional musical productions are held for free, just as in Pilsen’s Proluka neighbourhood in Křižíkovy sady (see map).

Legendary clubs

We have just a few more tips of where you can go to have a ton of fun for a small price. According to Pilsen’s university students, one of the most popular clubs can be found in Bar Pivoňka, which is located near the law school on sady Pětatřicátníků.

Another bar loved by social people, who don’t mind a slightly less luxurious or spick and span table, and are primarily there for the good times, is the university club Ucho, located right in the Bolevec residence hall.

We can also recommend the university cooperative café Družba, where academics, students, and the public come together. Družba holds intriguing cultural events and supports socially and ecologically responsible business conduct.