The Pilsen Checklist: The TOP experiences to do before summer ends

When planning a trip to Pilsen, you’ll surely make a list of places and experiences you simply don’t want to miss. We can help you out with this; feel free to take inspiration from our checklist, where you’ll find tips for places and events that are worth visiting. Summer hasn’t ended yet.

1. Unfiltered beer from the brewery or the restaurant Šenk Na Parkánu

An unfiltered Pilsner is pure joy both for your heart and your taste buds. If you’re taking the tour of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery, you can enjoy one at the end of the tour, right in the brewery cellars. Here, the beer has never tasted better. Plus, an undisputed bonus for the cellars is their pleasantly cool temperatures during hot summer days, and the beer drafted directly from the oak wood barrels simply takes the cake. If you don’t happen to make it into the brewery, or one glass just wasn’t enough, you can still order an unfiltered Pilsner at Šenk Na Parkánu, located adjacent to the Brewery Museum.

2. The loft in St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral

St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral entices visitors primarily thanks to its breathtaking views of Pilsen and its surroundings. However, since this summer, the newly reconstructed interior and loft exposition are bringing the crowds as well. The interior of this Gothic wonder underwent a challenging, three-year renovation, so believe us when we say it’s looking a lot better. Also completely new to the cathedral loft is the exposition about the history of the bells and the cathedral’s construction. Here you’ll even see the original roof trussing.

3. Pizza at Da Pietro

People come from as far away as Prague for the pizza at the pizzeria Da Pietro. And they’re not the only ones. This delicious, local Neapolitan pizza, which is supposedly the best in the country, was enjoyed and even baked by legendary action star Jackie Chan as well as the famous  Formula 1 racer Mika Häkkinen.

4. Leháro

Leháro is an open-air, summer complex for all of Pilsen and its visitors to enjoy. From May to September, behind the Rychtářka Parking Garage and along the bank of the Mže River, you’ll find a place for sports, relaxation, and good times waiting for you! That includes draft beer, a sandy beach, concerts, summer theatre, a children’s playground, paddle boats, and much more!

5. The new view at Paluba Hamburk

If we were to recommend one new, cool place in Pilsen, you’d find yourself there the moment you arrive by train at the main train station. Paluba Hamburk gets its name from its location, the former site of the beloved inn U města Hamburku. There you’ll find the new branch of the Information Centre with a view of the train station and city centre, the stands selling refreshments, and discussions about the Cake Tower statue, whose cakes are the Instagram hit of the summer.

6. Street Festival (Festival na Ulici) and Pilsen Busking Fest

As with every year, Pilsen’s streets come to life with the multi-genre Street Festival, where there’s something for everyone. The festival will be held in several places in Pilsen’s city centre, such as on Republic Square, at U Branky in the Smetanovy sady park, at Proluka, we well as at Zach’s Pub and the Anděl music bar. Music will sound through the streets of Pilsen from the 20-28th of August, and cultural events will bring the Pilsen centre to life from the start of September (2-5. 9.). You can admire the musicians, dancers, actors, and other artists from all over the world as part of Pilsen Busking Fest. No need to purchase any tickets, simply throwing a bit of change in the hat is enough.

7. An event for fans of good food and beer

Beer, food, and music. Most beer festivals have all three. Even though Pilsen is again forced to go without its traditional Pilsner Fest, beer lovers will find what they’re looking for at the weekend of the 17-18th of Sept. Here you can look forward to Sun in the Glass, a festival of microbreweries held on the grounds of the Purkmistr Brewery. You can expect to see representatives from dozens of Czech microbreweries as well as a colourful music programme. At DEPO2015, the summer series DEPO Street Food Markets is going strong, the last of which will be held Tuesday, the 28th of Sept.