The Summer Guide to Pilsen, or everything you won’t want to miss

From the Liberation Festival in May to Pilsner Fest in October, when the brewery celebrates the first-ever brew of Pilsner Urquell, Pilsen is simply alive with events. The schedule is diverse and you won’t take a step wrong by visiting here at any given time. But that didn’t stop us from creating a Summer Guide with our carefully selected events you won’t want to miss.

A bit of street art

Before summer holidays even start, many events are set in Pilsen. However, we’ve chosen something special for the Summer Guide from the June line-up. And that’s, of course, the Wallz Festival, which brings leading street artists from home and abroad to Pilsen. You can catch a live viewing of their artwork from June 17-21 and watch as their talented hands create murals, graffiti, and long-form wall paintings that decorate both often and less-frequented parts of the city.

A night of musicals and opera

For the end of the theatrical season, the Pilsen theatre is preparing a grandiose show at the Lochotín Amphitheatre. The Night of Opera is a unique event held by the J. K. Tyl Theatre under the starry sky. This year’s musical offering will surely delight lovers of the musical Dracula. This new, original, and first-ever performance of its kind in the country will be put on by the J. K. Tyl Theatre for its audience on June 25. Then on Friday evening, June 28, a monumental rendition of Bedřich Smetana’s celebratory opera Libuše will feature here as part of the Year of Czech Music.


Music in the streets

During the summer season, the historical centre comes alive with the most diverse activities. For the small price of a coin in a hat, you can attend concerts held by street performers every Wednesday and Friday, all thanks to the Riegrova is Alive with Music festival. You can then go straight to ordering something delicious at any one of the nearby gastro-locales in Pilsen. From August 5-10, music will play at the Inspiral Garden in the Šafaříkovy sady park. Concerts, including a silent disco, will await you here. Then the now-traditional Festival on the Street (August 16-24) will follow, offering a rich programme on multiple stages in the historical city centre, all free of charge.

Concerts at the brewery

Tourists and locals alike go to the Pilsner Urquell Brewery to quench their thirst with a draft Pilsner. It simply doesn’t taste better anywhere else. And they’re well aware of this at the brewery, which is why they regularly hold various events in the brewery’s courtyard. Every year, big-beat fans are sure to attend Summer at Pilsner Urquell. The regular Thursday concerts are then enhanced by a diverse Wednesday programme.

Watch the Olympics

Paris may be far from Pilsen, but it’d be a waste to just sit at home. If you’re not one of the lucky ones planning a trip to see the five rings in person, but you’d still like to support our athletes, give Léháro a try. During the Olympics, this pleasant locale by the Mže River will come alive not only as a comfy summer hangout spot but also with an electrifying Olympic atmosphere.

Medals from Sportmanie

Medals won’t only be handed out in France but also during the summer festival Sportmanie, held in the park behind the Plaza shopping centre in the heart of the city. This event is one of the most popular amongst families with kids, and it lets people try out dozens of traditional and non-traditional sports, all in one place. The medal chase will begin from August 17-25.

Pilsen Busking Fest

Summer fun in Pilsen never ends; in fact, the opposite is true. During the first week in September, street performers, musicians, jugglers, dancers, and acrobats from around the world come to Pilsen to display their talent. Even though the Pilsen Busking Fest is already well-known, we recommend wandering the streets and allowing yourself to be drawn into the heart of the event. And don’t forget to reward the performers with a coin in their hat.