The tourist season in Pilsen comes with a wide array of experiences

The spring sun is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and with them the opening hours at historical sights and interesting places. The tourist destinations that were closed all winter also start coming to life every year in April. What sort of places in Pilsen can you visit now that winter’s passed?

Return to one of the largest synagogues in the world

After years of renovations, Pilsen’s Great Synagogue has opened its doors again on 11 April. The synagogue’s upper galleries feature a new permanent exposition dedicated to the Jewish sights within the Pilsen Region called “Here Lived the Jews”. You’ll see a collection of photographs in the exposition that map the history and transformation of Jewish historical sights.

The largest synagogue in the Czech Republic, the second largest in Europe, and one of the five largest in the world was built in the pseudo-Romanesque style with Moorish elements. This unique structure from the second half of the 19th century with its rich interior décor is now on display in all its beauty.

Historical sights and museums are open again from April on

Starting in April, the Old Farmhouse “U Matoušů” has extended its opening hours, which now stretch from Tuesday through Sunday, 6-16h. Pilsen Diocese’s Museum of Ecclesiastical Art is also open as of April, and the same goes for Hruška’s Meditation Garden, which now offers a self-access refreshments bar. Plus, the tourist season at Radyně Castle just started on 2 April and it’s open every weekend.

Take a trip to the Mesozoic era

Pilsen’s DinoPark has risen from its winter slumber and, as of April, has once again opened its gates to visitors. The dinosaurs enjoyed their beauty sleep, underwent spring maintenance, stretched their bones, and now they can’t wait for all the little discoverers to arrive. DinoPark is connected to the Pilsen ZOO and, for this year’s season, you can purchase a discount ticket and take a trip to visit both the ZOO and the DinoPark on the same day.

Which events can you look forward to in Pilsen before the summer?

At the start of May, Pilsen will once again follow its tradition of dressing up in the colours of the American flag and celebrating the anniversary of Pilsen’s liberation by the American army during the Liberation Festival. During May, you can also get excited about gastronomical events full of flavours from all over the world. The Fresh Festival, held in the courtyard of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery invites you to try its menu of dozens of restaurants from both Pilsen and abroad. And during the Festival of Arabic Culture, located at DEPO2015, you can enjoy the specialties of the not-so-far East. Soup lovers, as well as vegans and coffee lovers, will also find exactly what they’re looking for in May in Pilsen.