Tips for cycling trips around Pilsen

We have prepared a list of laid-back cycling trips for those who enjoy going for a ride while on holiday. These tips are perfect for recreational cyclists as well as families with children. Each overview will include a map with the path marked and a number of tips of where you can stop for lunch, find a drink to quench your thirst, or discover something interesting along the way.

Short cycling trips or pleasant walks around the Bolevec Ponds

The path isn’t too long, you can easily complete the trip before lunch, or you can stop and go for a swim and take part in other water activities in any one of the many ponds. This is also a good option if you’re looking to go out for a stroll. Even families with a pram won’t have any issues. Read more…

Difficulty: moderate
Length: 20 km from the city centre, 11 km path leading around the ponds (pedestrian friendly)

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Cycling trip: Along the Úslava River to Castle Kozel and the Lopata castle ruins

The long weekend is drawing nearer, and the weather has yet to take a turn for the worse, leaving you with some free time to try out another time-tested cycleway. This one will take you from the city centre, along the Úslava, and into the southern Pilsen region. Read more…

Difficulty: medium, includes one ascent (two ascents included in the extended cycling route)
Length: approx. 50 km (makes for an all-day trip if you include visits to the castles and meal breaks). Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, restaurants are only open via their pick-up windows. Some restaurants are closed entirely.

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Cycling trip: Leave the city centre behind for some ice cream or a beer in Dobřany

Our third cycling trip will take you south of Pilsen to the beautiful city of Dobřany, which is celebrated for its renowned ice cream and Blue Star Brewery (Modrá hvězda). Read more…

Difficulty: moderate to medium (several short ascents)
Length: 40 km

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Get ready and enjoy a bike trip around Pilsen


Bike path in a forest around Pilsen