Alena Fialová

“I most enjoy summer mornings while I ride my bike to the city centre, with the fragrant scent of the brewery in the air and the sun shining. On Saturdays, I make my way to the city square (náměstí Republiky) for the farmers’ market. I take a coffee and something good to eat, then stop by the Information Centre to say hi to my colleagues and tease them a bit with my plans for my day off. If I don’t get the chance to chat very much at the Info Centre, my feet might take me to DEPO2015 or to the orchards in the centre of Pilsen. It all depends on where the action is. When I’m looking to relax for a bit, I head down to the Bolevec ponds (Bolevecké rybníky),where you can always find a peaceful spot to swim if you’re hoping to avoid the main beach. I then end my summertime Saturday by returning to the city, most likely to one of the terraces with a flat top beer or šnyt (a small, last-round beer with a large head, served in a large beer mug) in my hand, fine company and a nice view over Pilsen.”

That’s a typical day off in the city for Alena – Industry Open manager and one of our team’s main creators. Her job is to take care of the destination management and partnership.

Alena Fialová Pilsen - TOURISM