Anna Gaierová

“Pilsen, she’s a woman of many faces. I never stop being surprised with how many interesting places and personalities are connected to the city. And the best thing about this lass is she’s able to dance to the rhythm of what’s happening in the world, she breathes living culture, art, and sport. She has been gradually revealing her secrets and treasures to me all my life. As a child, I couldn’t get enough of visiting the theatres, the ZOO, and taking walks through the beautiful surrounding nature.

Then, during my school years, I appreciated the wide variety of Pilsen’s music clubs, the distinct atmosphere of the local cafés, and the quality of the celebrated Pilsner lager. Not sure how to keep your little ones occupied? That won’t happen to you in Pilsen. With my children at my side I continue to find new places we simply have to visit and try out. Also, thanks to the world-renowned architect Adolf Loos, I am then able to discover the true Pilsen treasures, which modestly hide behind the walls of the ordinary city tenement houses, waiting to take your breath away with their uniqueness and elegance. And I’m most looking forward to everything Pilsen has yet to reveal and everything that’s waiting to show itself in the coming years.

So, come visit Pilsen and get to know her anyway you like. Whether you’re small, large, curious, or even thirsty… Pilsen is the place to keep you entertained.”

Anička is in charge of destination management and partnership among the stakeholders involved in tourism. She is also tasked with watching over the operation of the Loos Interiors as well as any projects connected to Adolf Loos in Pilsen.