Dalibor Linda

“Dear visitor, I welcome you to Pilsen.

I welcome you to the city where legends such as Pilsner Urquell and Škoda were born. The city of four rivers, lying in the actual heart of the Pilsen region. Maybe your first steps in the city will lead you to the Information Centre, and my goal is to present Pilsen to you as I see it. I introduce Pilsen as a dynamic, pulsating city, with plenty of experiences, fun and learning to be had.

Climb to the top of the highest church tower in Bohemia and you’ll see the Pilsen basin stretch out before you. Maybe you’ll discover that both the fifth largest synagogue in the world and one of the largest trolley junctions in the Czech Republic can also be found here. Are you interested in architecture and history? Alright then, come discover the enchanting flats designed by Adolf Loos and visit the Museum of West Bohemia. By the way, his collections are among the largest in our country.

Have you brought your children with you? Perfect! You’ll find fun and learning at the second oldest zoo in the Czech Republic. If the weather isn’t looking too good for a zoo day, don’t worry. The Techmania Science Centre, the 3D Planetarium and Puppet Museum are open no matter the weather.

Don’t hesitate and come EXPERIENCE PILSEN.”

This letter to visitors was written by Dalibor, the Head of the Tourist information centre, the zealous fan of souvenir collecting, who isn’t afraid to pull his hood on and lead visitors through Pilsen’s myths and legends. Dalibor is also one of the few men in our team, but no worries, we do our best to make him feel special every day.

Dalibor Linda Pilsen - TOURISM