Daniela Sklenářová

“Simply put, Pilsen is the city of my heart. I’ve lived here since I was born, and its cultural affairs continue to interest me to this day. I regularly visit the International Festival THEATRE, the film festival Finále, Smetana Days, the Haydn Music Festival, the International Dixieland Festival, as well as the Liberation Festival. I feel pride for my city as events come to life on the riverbank, the BLIK BLIK festival shines its lights, and the Pilsen Busking Fest starts to sound. I recommend everyone to visit the Loos Interiors, the intriguing commentated tours of the city, as well as DEPO2015, where something is always going on. For good beer, I like to go to Pivstro, Lokál, or ride my bike to the Beer Club Blue Star in Dobřany. And what’s the best way to relax after work? Going for a walk through the surrounding nature, for instance, to Radyně Castle or around the Bolevec Ponds.”

Daniela lives for Pilsens events and culture. Shes assistant to the director as well as a reliable office manager and in-house graphic designer all in one, who isnt afraid to organise trips and unforgettable team-building events.

Daniela Sklenářová Pilsen - TOURISM