Hana Zámková

“I studied in Pilsen for several years and even spent my summer holidays here at my grandmother’s, so I still have many places to see and things to discover. However, I like Pilsen for its size; it’s the largest city in West Bohemia, and yet it appears cosy and familiar in my eyes.

The historical city square offers many gems in the way of cultural sights and places to visit. I would be happy to recommend visitors to embark on the commentated tours of St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, which just saw the completion of the largest renovation project in its past 100 years. Even its attic area is open for the first time to visitors. I’ve taken the tour myself and learned lots of new information from the tour guide about this beautiful building.

Welcome to Pilsen, “The City of Beer”, culture, sports, and beautiful parks!”

Hana, our Info Centres newest asset appreciates Pilsens cosy, family-like atmosphere, and she also enjoys visiting new, interesting places around our city and discovering their stories. She then informs our visitors about them, as well as anyone else who will listen.

Hana Zámková Pilsen - TOURISM