Helena Mařanová

Even though I didn’t have my first beer until I was 23 years old, I’ve always considered myself a true citizen of Pilsen, and that’s what I am. Every time I walk across the city square, I think to myself how beautiful the cathedral is. My sweet sister always reacts the same when I mention this thought out loud: ‘I knew you were going to say that’.

Anyone who comes to visit me, assuming they aren’t suffering with any physical limitations, has to climb the cathedral tower with me, because Pilsen simply looks its most beautiful from that view. Whenever I travel, I proudly spread the legacy of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery, and when I come across Pilsner on the tap at a pub or bar, or I find one on the shelves of some out-of-the-way supermarket, I immediately get the feeling like a piece of Pilsen is travelling with me. I am quite proud of the fact that I’m from Pilsen.

I love taking walks down by the river. I enjoy some of the new spots, such as Papírna Pilsen or DEPO2015, which were made from old-standing buildings in the industrial sector and have been given the chance to live a new life. I like the fact that I can get pretty much anywhere by foot, yet an infinite number of experiences, festivals and events are held here. I’m always looking for hidden treasures when travelling, and Pilsen has something to offer in that department as well. Don’t skip out on any one of the tours of Loos’ famous interiors, check out the local mini-breweries and take a trip to the surrounding area. You’ll see that Pilsen isn’t your typical ‘one-day visit’ kind of city.

Helena is living proof that everybody falls in love with Pilsen’s beer, sooner or later. Like a good Head of Marketing, she’s willing to do just about anything for a creative idea. Plus, she knows all too well what you’re going to say once you walk across Pilsen’s main square.