Jaroslava Panušková

“For me, Pilsen means more than just flat tops, šnyts (a small, last-round beer with a large head in a large beer mug), milks (a beer mug filled with milky, cream-like foam, typically enjoyed in one shot) and even West Bohemian Beat music. The traditional music and beer festivals of Metalfest, Gambrinus Day, Summer at Prazdroji, The Sun in a Glass and Pilsner Fest make for a great time.

I like that everything is nearby in Pilsen. You can go from the city centre, which is packed with quality pubs, coffee shops and bars, to going for a stroll or riding your bike surrounded by nature in no time at all.

Enjoying this city of culture and the best beer in the world, you too will have such a good time that you’ll understand what I mean when I say only one Pilsen isn’t enough.”

Jaroslava knows what she’s talking about, being one of the matadors of the Info Centre team as well as the Organizer of tours and group services. If there’s anyone capable of arranging accommodations for you, even on the most popular days imaginable, it’s Jaroslava… That is, if she isn’t away attending a concert, riding her bike or spending time with her family.

Jaroslava Panušková Pilsen - TOURISM