Kateřina Rubášová

“I’ve lived in Pilsen for almost my entire life – and Pilsen is a great place for living.

I love Pilsen the most as it’s still waking up. The Gothic Church of Saint Bartholomew appears majestic in the soft morning light, the towers of one of the largest synagogues in the world seem to glisten and the first groups of tourists, children and students set out onto the quiet streets, parks and along the river on their way to work, school or new experiences.

You’ll find everything in Pilsen. Rich history and culture, industry, technology, science, celebrated architecture, education, sports, nature – and, of course, our world-renowned beer. You’ll even happen upon some things you might not find in other places – where else can you eat breakfast on a rooftop, attend a concert in a depot or sit down for a cup of coffee at a paper mill?
Yes, I’ve lived in Pilsen for nearly my entire life – and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.”

Kateřina wouldn’t trade a thing and neither would we trade her as one of our Info Centre employees. She always greets our clients with a smiling face and never gets thrown off by anything. Not even when the queue to the Info Centre stretched so long people were waiting all the way around the corner.

Kateřina Rubášová Pilsen - TOURISM