Martina Chomátová

“I most enjoy strolling through Pilsen’s blooming park, which leads around the historical city centre, offering some of the most interesting views of the city’s historical buildings. I love stopping at a coffee shop or going to a restaurant for a tall beer. Most of all I enjoy walking through this park during one of the city’s intriguing music festivals, which are held all the time during the summer season. You will find this entire footpath with its description in the Miniguide brochure, which the city has ready for its visitors. I invite foreign pressmen and travel agencies to the various cultural events held in Pilsen or to visit other intriguing places in the surrounding area. For anyone interested, it’s my job to prepare your so-called press trip or fam trip.”

Martina, the competent press trip organizer, who has already convinced hundreds of foreign pressmen and travel agency representatives that Pilsen is worth their interest, is beckoning you to visit our city for the blooming parks, good beer and much more.

Martina Chomátová Pilsen - TOURISM