Monika Bielovičová

“What does Pilsen mean to me? A new home, and I mean that literally. I’ve only lived here a short while, however, I can already say that Pilsen has grown on my heart. Already during my first visit, I was enthralled by the green belt of parks in the heart of Pilsen; you rarely see that much greenery in the centre of a city. Not to mention what it’s like here when the flowers blossom in summer, the water pours out of the fountains, and the rays of sunlight shine all around. After a short walk, I find myself on Republic Square, whose dominant feature is St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, which takes my breath away every time with its magnificence. I was also surprised by the varied offer of events of every kind: Cultural, sports, street food festivals, and more. No matter if it’s a weekday or weekend, there’s always something going on. And the list of restaurants, it’s truly the best there is; you can visit plenty of cafés for brunch, or find luxurious Neapolitan pizza or Asian food, as well as traditional Czech cuisine.

I hope I’ll be able to check everything off my To-Do list of places to visit in Pilsen, and I hope the same for you during your visit. And if you find yourself running out of things to do, there are countless tips of places to go outside of Pilsen, perfect for taking bike trips, going swimming, and touring castles, chateaus, and other hidden gems. So, come get a taste of the famous Pilsen life, where even I, the sworn non-beer-drinker, have grown to love the flavour.”

With her enthusiasm for her work in destination development, Pilsen will surely grow to become Monika’s new home, and her words make clear that truly everyone will fall in love with Pilsen beer.

Monika Bielovičová Pilsen - TOURISM