Petra Vomelová

“When it comes to Pilsen, the European Capital of Culture, I like the progressive cultural scene at the former industrial area the most. That includes the Papírna, Moving Station, and DEPO2015, which, thanks to their quality cultural programme and amazing food choices, truly make me happy. In addition, as a fan of architecture and design, I love to visit the Loos Interiors. Not only are they beautiful, they’re also continuously being cultivated and improved. I really enjoy going to the cinema, meaning you’ll often see me at Měšťanská Beseda and at the yearly Finále Festival. That’s right, we have an outstanding film festival in Pilsen. Movie stars love to attend it, and you can even buy tickets to great films without having to wait in line!

We’re also quite proud of our beer, which is enjoyed by people all over the world, St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral and its highest church tower in the Czech Republic, as well as the largest restaurant in the country, which can be found in the Brewery’s courtyard. The list just goes on and on… My favourite thing in Pilsen, however, is the fact that this city of four rivers has recently also become the city of amazing cafés and ambitious bistros. Taking a stroll through the green belt of gardens during the summer time can be quite pleasant. And the same goes for roaming through Pilsen during the Festival of Lights, enjoying a Night at the Museum at the Ethnographic Museum, and discovering the city’s hidden courtyards.”

Petra lives with everything that’s going on in Pilsen, and the fact that she’s no longer living in Prague doesn’t bother her at all. Which is why we are happy to have her on our team. Marketing Pilsen can only be done by someone with a love for the city.

Petra Vomelová Pilsen - TOURISM