Stefanie Mannová

“At some point, all of us have most likely heard the wonderful comparison of the Czech Republic being labelled as the heart of Europe. And this heart not only holds numerous places of beauty but, most importantly, our charming city of Pilsen can be found here! I’ve lived in other cities and various countries, however, none have impressed me enough for me to stay there permanently. And that’s why, just like a boomerang, I’ve always found my way back to Pilsen!

Everything a person needs in life can be found in Pilsen: Rich culture and history, wonderful nature, significant historical sights, sports, and last but not least, the best beer in the world!

Štruncovy Park would definitely make my list of favourite places in Pilsen. I come here after work to recharge my batteries, and that’s either by playing ball hockey or inline skating.” 

Just like a boomerang, Stefanie always returns from abroad back to Pilsen as well as to our team, where shes anchored herself in our marketing team after having spent many years working part-time in the Info Centre. She manages the German market and maps out cultural events for visitors.

Stefanie Mannová Pilsen - TOURISM