Where to relax under the open sky in Pilsen?

Summer is on its way and warmer days full of sunshine are perfect for picnics in nature or lounging in the front garden. If you spend most of your time in the concrete jungle, don’t fret – Pilsen has loads of places to enjoy a pleasant sit-down. We’ve collected some tips for you on spots to take the family, your better half, or friends during nice-weather days. We’ll recommend picnic spots as well as shops with comfy garden seating options. You’ll also find a tip on a special outdoor locale right next to the river. So, don’t sit around at home, and head outside!

#1 PARKS: Some spots were simply created for picnic blankets. And Pilsen’s parks and green belt of gardens are exactly that.

One of the most pleasant places for a sit-down in Pilsen’s city centre is surely the Mill Race park, which didn’t earn the nickname “Pilsen’s Venice” without reason. While picnicking here, you can admire the romantic pond full of goldfish. And if you come with your family, you can watch over your children as they play on the nearby climbing gym shaped like large, colourful heads.

The calmest and also the most romantic part of the city centre’s green belt of gardens is surely Šafaříkovy sady. You’ll find sprawling stretches of green grass here, hedged by beautiful flowers – simply the ideal picnic spot. But you’ll also find a nice place to sit at both the Smetanovy and Kopeckého sady parks.

The largest and most-visited park in Pilsen isn’t in the centre but in the Bory neighbourhood, where you can easily and quickly get to by taking the number 4 tram. Bory Park is an expansive 420,000 square metres of green grass, playgrounds, sporting fields, mini-golf, restaurants, and the new café and pub.

Our next tip is Božkov Island. This is a nature relaxation zone, ideal for spending free time and resting as well as a place to play various sports. It’s called an ‘island’ because it’s on the right bank across from the Božkov neighbourhood, separated by a millrace to the former mill and the Úslava River on the other side. At Božkov Island, you’ll find many benches for resting, unpaved walking paths, an in-line skating track, exercise machines, and a bike path. If you’d still like to go for a walk after your picnic, then you can stroll down the river along the Educational Trail – Úslava Valley, all the way to the town of Koterov.

If you’d like to enjoy a picnic outside of the city, then make your way to the park at Kozel Manor House, not far from Šťáhlavy near Pilsen. Both the park and manor house sit on an elevated hill, offering wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. As of spring, there is now a fee to enter the park, but it’s definitely worth paying. People say the manor looks like Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. There’s also a pond in the middle of the park where you can rent a boat and sail around.

#2 WATER FUN: When it gets hot, time is best spent near the water, but where should you go?

If you’d like to enjoy some good food during your day spent swimming, then pack your picnic basket for a longer walk to the Bolevec Ponds or Šídlov Pond. You can spend the entire day here, go for a stroll, swim in the water, and then reward yourself with something tasty. But if you haven’t brought anything with you, don’t worry; head on over to one of the multiple Point bistros, where you can order a full lunch, something sweet, or something healthy.

Another oasis of leisure can be found at the park next to the Mže River, in the city centre at Na Pořící 12 (map). The Leháro Beer Garden & Fan Zone is a summer complex for Pilsen and all its visitors. They’ve got draft beer, a picnic area, paddle boats, lawn chairs, excellent food, and a projector screen showing sports games. If you still haven’t been here, we’d recommend visiting. It’s the ideal place with a pleasant atmosphere, where friends can go to hang out under the open sky.

#3 VIEWPOINTS: A picnic with a beautiful view – now that’s the dream!

You’ll discover that good food tastes even better when it’s alongside a wonderful view, the moment you arrive at the Rotunda of St. Peter and Paul in Starý Plzenec. You can follow the marked trail from the town square to get to the rotunda. The path goes uphill but it’s certainly worth the hike. And not only for the unique rotunda but also for the incredible view of the surrounding area. It’s a nice and calm place where you can roll out your blanket and enjoy the treats you brought.

#4 RESTAURANTS WITH A TERRACE: If you don’t want to bother with bringing any food at all, then we’ve got a few tips for you on restaurants with pleasant outdoor seating.

Since we’re already talking about viewpoints, one beautiful spot can be found right by Pilsen’s dominant feature, St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, from the restaurant and sky bar Terraza.

Or you can experience a “beer picnic” at Lokál Pod Divadlem. You can order all of Pilsen’s specialty beer styles inside, then bring them out to enjoy right on the lawn under the General Patton monument. This spot also offers the perfect view of the Great Theatre and the Great Synagogue.

You can indulge in the best beer in the world under the open sky directly at the Pilsner Urquell Brewery, served by the pub Na Spilce. You can also now order unfiltered Pilsners here!

You’ll find plenty of front gardens and terraces at the restaurants and bars on Riegrova Street, where you can enjoy your food and drink while talented buskers play for you as part of the Riegrova is Alive with Music Festival, every Wednesday and Friday after 18:30.

And if you’d prefer some coffee or something sweet, head on over to the terraces at Orient Coffee or Kafe Smetanka in Pilsen’s Slovany neighbourhood. The cafes Le Frenchie and Walter Mitty in the Smetanovy sady park also offer lovely places to sit out of the sun, or you could try the new seating area at bistro Fred!