Current Exhibitions

In Pilsen, there’s an array of active art schools. As part of the University of West Bohemia, you’ll find the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, where many Czech artists do their work. Their creations are then displayed in a number of galleries you’ll find here. All of them are located in the centre of the city. Amongst the most significant rank the Gallery of West Bohemia, the Pilsen Municipal Gallery, the Gallery of Jiří Trnka, and the Gallery of Ladislav Sutnar. The Museum of West Bohemia and DEPO2015 also hold interesting exhibits for the general public. Check out our overview of current exhibits in galleries and museums in the city of Pilsen.

Artists’ Forum: Under a Suspended Load (Umělecká beseda: Pod zavěšeným břemenem) (until Sept. 28)

At DEPO2015, you’ll currently find a group exhibition presenting paintings and sculptures by select members of the Creative Section of the Artists’ Forum (Výtvarný odbor Umělecké besedy). The exhibit’s name is derived from the old industrial sign that still hangs in the former joiner’s shop. It also acts as a statement of the difficult life of an art association today as well as a reflection of the burdensome existence during the pandemic and war era. Lastly, it refers to an awareness of threats and pressures, thanks to which we can better define the meaning and form of authentic freedom.

Jan Knap – Path of the Holy Family (until October 30)

The Pilsen Diocese’s Museum of Ecclesiastical Art invites visitors to its exposition of paintings by renowned and predominantly-exhibited-abroad painter, Jan Knap. For the past decade, the Holy Family has been the subject of his work. The paintings are captivative and understandable for audiences. In 1968, Jan Knap left Czechoslovakia in exile, where he went on to work in Germany, Brazil, the USA, and Italy, even going as far as to take part in the American navy. Eventually, he settled down in Planá near Mariánské Lázně, where he paints the Holy Family today, discovering his expression in peaceful, sunlit harmony. The figures of the people, angels, and animals are aware of one another, they work on common things, and don’t waste time with gestures. They are together. The Museum of West Bohemia took this opportunity to issue the extensive publication “My Image is Like a Poor Man’s Caress” on this very subject.

Jan Stolín – DEPOSITION (until November 13)

The Pilsen Municipal Gallery invites everyone to visit its unique exposition of the artist Jan Stolín. The atypical installation featuring colourful lights, shadows, and projections transformed the neutral exposition space into dramatic, multicoloured “architecture”. The author gently pulls the viewer into the magic of visual games with his vibrant play on space. The simple pastel drawings then act as a point of contrast for this light installation, even displaying a slightly meditational character.


Exposition FORESTRY WORK (October 2 – November 11)

The cultural centre Paper Mill (Papírna) is currently readying the exposition FORESTRY WORK by the duo Tomáš Staňek and Josef Sedlák, who operate under the artistic names of OBRAS and AKROBAD. After many years of painting together in forgotten places built by man, later to be slowly reclaimed by nature, both creators have returned to this theme in a series of paintings and other accompanying performances. Human intervention in nature and the contrasting growth of organic life into artistic constructions, order, and chaos – these are the concepts depicted in their work, which you can see for yourself at the exposition.

Exhibition – 180 Years of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery (until Feb. 24)

This October, it’ll be 180 years since brewmaster Josef Groll brewed the first batch of Pilsner Urquell lager in the new Burghers Brewery, which shortly after took the world by storm. The Pilsen Brewery Museum is celebrating this extraordinary anniversary with an exhibition dubbed 180 Years of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery, which beautifully captures the story of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery from the start of the joint projects of the Pilsen burghers all the way to the present. Here, visitors can view the most valuable and interesting aspects of all 18 decades of the brewery in a single place.

The epoch of salons. Czech salon art and the international art scene (1870–1914) (September 28 – March 5)

Behind the doors of the former Meat Market (Masné krámy), you’ll find a new exhibit displaying Czech salon art within its European dimensions, with the aim of also presenting the works of the largest stars of European salon art. This will include the likes of Jean-Léon Gérôme, Hans Makart, Jan Matejko, Mihály Munkácsy, Walter Crane, and others. The time period between 1870-1914 comprises the era when salon art was at its peak of popularity, as well as its belated, closing phase, where the style was already confronted with the encroaching modern style and new requirements for exhibition operations.