Current Exhibitions

In Pilsen, there’s an array of active art schools. As part of the University of West Bohemia, you’ll find the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, where many Czech artists do their work. Their creations are then displayed in a number of galleries you’ll find here. All of them are located in the centre of the city. Amongst the most significant rank the Gallery of West Bohemia, the Pilsen Municipal Gallery, the Gallery of Jiří Trnka, and the Gallery of Ladislav Sutnar. The Museum of West Bohemia and DEPO2015 also hold interesting exhibits for the general public. Check out our overview of current exhibits in galleries and museums in the city of Pilsen.

Butterflies Don’t Live in the Ghetto: Operation Anthropoid (until 2 July)

Butterflies Don’t Live in the Ghetto is a long-term research, educational, and exposition project initiated and managed by its curator Jan Van Woensel. Every year since 2019, students of the Studio of Photography at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art have delved into examining key moments of the Second World War. This time around, the third exhibition that can be visited in the Ladislav Sutnar Gallery focuses on Operation Anthropoid. It takes into account the important events that took place 80 years ago, including the assassination attempt on Reinhard Heydrich, the annihilation of the towns Lidice and Ležáky, and the final battle of Czech paratroopers at the Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius.

Interactive exposition The Little Prince (until 7 July)

Given its success domestically and abroad, the interactive exhibit The Little Prince by well-known artist Eliška Podzimková, which features augmented reality, is moving to Pilsen’s Papírna cultural centre. The exposition is accompanied by photography captured in Iceland, with the addition of the world-renowned author’s illustrations drawn in the style of the book The Little Prince. Visitors can view the constantly moving Little Prince and fox on the application that is free to download on any smartphone.

Jiří Špinka – Dřevěný čas (Wooden Time) (until 14 August)

The exhibition “Dřevěný čas”, which is open to visitors in the refectory of the Pilsen Diocese’s Museum of Ecclesiastical Art, commemorates Jiří Špinka and his unique kinetic reliefs: clocks. The exhibit expands on information from the publication Zastavený čas (“Stopped Time”), in which his wife, poetess Vlasta Špinková, maps Špinka’s creation while also adding a lot to the human side of his personality. His works capture the interest of every age group, especially his kinetic woodcarving “hodin – orlojů” (“clocks-astronomical clocks”).

Michal Cihlář – Still-Life with a Thrown Gauntlet (Zátiší s hozenou rukavicí) (until August 28)

The Gallery of West Bohemia is currently inviting visitors to its exposition hall “Masné krámy” to see the exhibit created by the famous graphic artist Michal Cihlář, who is often considered the pioneer of Czech modern linocut. As the author himself says, his exhibit is about silence, neglected realism, and, last but not least, the return to traditional imaging. By way of illustration, alongside the main exhibited prints you’ll also find their linoleum sheets. In this way, gallery visitors get a glimpse into the creative process as well as the artist’s environment.


Ivana Urbánková | Zdeněk Manina Plavci a jiné postavy (until 28 August)

You can currently visit the Pilsen Municipal Gallery to see the exhibit of tapestries, plastic arts, and paintings by Ivana Urbánková and Zdeněk Manina, whose works are mutually connected not only by the similarity of the elected themes but also by the generosity of the artistic concept and the specific sense of humour of these two generationally related authors. Textile artist Ivana Urbánková and sculptor Zdeněk Manina engage in ordinary to even trivial motifs from our everyday lives which they look upon with an understanding and, at the same time, an amusing perspective.

Interactive exposition Up into the Sky (until August 31)

In the cultural centre DEPO2015 you can currently find an interactive adventure exposition Up into the Sky (Vzhůru do oblak) which will take you to the world of myths and fairytales, flying, and even the laws of physics. Together with your children, you’ll set off on a journey from the origins of flight, passing through the inspirations drawn from flying animals and plants, and ending at the ethical questions and ecological consequences of today’s form of flying. You’ll take a look into a natural laboratory, launch a self-made rocket, and even experience what it’s like to have your very own wings.

The Triple Life of Medieval Pottery (until 25 September)

The current exhibition in the Museum of West Bohemia strives to capture the evolution of medieval pottery in its various stages, beginning with its creation in the potter’s workshop, all the way to its application in the homestead. For smaller visitors, the exhibition includes a children’s workshop that allows them to try their hand at working as a medieval potter, a modern archaeologist, or a museum restorer. The exposition also has on display a prestigious selection of ceramic products from four royal cities; Brno, Pilsen, Jihlava, and České Budějovice.

Kubišta, Pinkas, Sekal et al. The acquisitions of the Gallery of West Bohemia from 2012-2021 (until 28 September)

In the Exhibition Hall “13”, a selection of additions is on display that expanded the gallery’s collections in the last decade. The collection of art from the 19th century was added to by the works of Gabriel von Max, Ludmila von Flesch-Brunningen, August Piepenhagen, and Hippolyt Soběslav Pinkas. Three etchings by Bohumil Kubišta from the early period, to art from the 1950s, to contemporary art, and even statues by Zbyněk Sekal and the work of Ivan Sobotka and Viktor Karlík rank amongst the significant acquisitions by the Gallery of West Bohemia. Also worth noting are the works of key regional authors from the time between the two great wars, namely Josef Hodek, Bohumil Krs, František Pořický, and Josef Tetínek.