Cycling Trip: For Some Ice Cream or a Beer in Dobřany

Our third cycling trip will take you south of Pilsen to the beautiful city of Dobřany, which is celebrated for its renowned ice cream and Blue Star Brewery (Modrá hvězda).

Difficulty: moderate to medium (several short ascents)

Length: 40 km

Click here to open the map and the indicated cycleway

To start the trip, set off from the city centre by taking cycleway no. 37 through the meadows of the Mže River. Ride along the flat stretch, between the fields, and down the long alley, until you leave the industrial panorama of the city behind you. It’s here that you’ll enter the village of Křimice, which is known for its sauerkraut. Take some pictures of the run-down castle here, or even order your first drink at Roští. We would never guide you down to some bushy area, but rather to a pleasant place to sit and enjoy local food right by the river.

From Křimice, head down the small hill (if you’d like, you can walk this section of the trip along the left side of the road) to the farm road (cycleway no. 2151), which offers panoramic views of the Plzeňská kotlina Mountain Range and its three visible hilltops.

Next, ride past the cottages all the way to the Vejprnický Stream, and don’t forget to switch over to low gear on your way down the hill.

Cross over the main road and ride up the short, yet intense, ascent to Nová Hospoda. If you would prefer to walk your bike up the hill, stick to the left side of the road on the pavement.

You will now ride around the edge of this village, crossing the footbridge over the motorway ramp, and continue along cycleway no. 2151, where you can soak in the smells of the mixed forest.

Next, ride down into Pilsen’s Valcha neighbourhood, as you make your way between the homes, connecting with the green nature trail that leads to Lhota. The wooden animals, which were whittled for children, will show you the direction you need to go.

Once in Lhota, you will pass a football stadium and cross the footbridge over the river. Next you’ll find yourself in a small village of cottages, from which you will travel down to the train station and connect with the small road there. As you continue onwards, a panoramic view of Dobřany will come into view, leaving you with only a few kilometres to go.

Once in the city, we would recommend taking your well-deserved rest and lunch break on the city square, maybe even in the uniquely designed Blue Star Brewery (Modrá hvězda).

Don’t only stay in Dobřany for lunch, however. Here you can ride through the city square and admire the renovated homes. The ice cream is also famous here, it’s sold not far from the well-known psychiatric hospital.

On your way back, we recommend taking the same path to Lhota. Travel along the river (it should be on your left-hand side) and through the solitary meadows until you reach the České údolí dam. Here, our map is going to try to show you to go another way, but don’t let yourself get confused. The route you should take isn’t shown on the map, but it exists. We’ve tried it ourselves. From the footbridge, you can admire the view of the dam.

Now, ride over the small hill next to the cherry orchard and into the largest neighbourhood of cottages in Pilsen, Výsluní, to get to Tyrš Bridge (Tyršův most).

You should also definitely make a stop and relax at the Meditation Garden. In addition, the garden goes by the name ‘The Monument to the Victims of Evil’, and it was transformed from the original fruit orchard by political prisoner Luboš Hruška.

Nearby you’ll find Luft Garden, however, it is only open at certain times. Now, all you have left is to follow the Úhlava River along cycleway no. 3 and make your way back to Pilsen’s city centre.