Healthy Food

Looking to find a healthy meal or snack while in Pilsen?

As the saying goes in Pilsen, “if you’re not feeling so good after your food, order a beer and you’ll feel better right away”. However, nearly every restaurant offers at least some form of lighter, healthier meal. But if you prefer restaurants with a menu consisting of only healthy foods, check out our list and find the right place for you.


Situated near Kopeckého sady park you’ll find an entire building dedicated to health food, all made by the Slunečnice Pilsen brand. Here you can visit to the restaurant, canteen or fresh bistro. Expect to find healthy food options for vegetarians, vegans and even quality meat eaters at the restaurant. Next, the canteen is where you go for their daily fresh menu, and the bistro is ideal for a quick snack or some freshly squeezed juice.

Arnie’s Bistro

Arnie’s Bistro is a modern business, offering breakfast, lunch specials and evening meals consisting of enticing Sri Lankan cuisine made according to one of the chef’s home recipes. Lunches change every day depending on that day’s chosen corner of the gastronomical world. Yet, somehow, they’re always nutritionally balanced, no pointless premade food or artificial ingredients included. Here your plate will always be filled vibrant colours and flavours.


The Fresh Bar

The FRESH BAR on Pilsen’s Republic Square plays around with every colour and flavour of delicious superfoods that you could think of. If you’re looking for a place to get a quick snack or lunchtime meal, which includes a breath-taking view of the cathedral, then you’re going to love the Fresh Bar’s smoothie bowls, avocado bread and vegetable sandwiches.

Freshbistro Kantýna

A few steps from the Sady Pětatřicátníků bus/tram stop you’ll find one of the Kantýna bistros. They serve everything from vegan and gluten-free options to meat-based meals. They also have a beautiful outdoor eating area that’s so inviting, you’ll never want to leave. Refreshing lemonade and coffee is served to guests, and you can even treat yourself to a few tasty pieces of cake.

Vegetarian Bistro Satyr

The Satyr bistro is paradise for vegetarians and vegans alike. Satyr has been making lunchtime delectables well before the whole “vegan business” model ever took off. Here you can choose between two soup and two main meal options, every day of the week.

Supa Supa soup kitchen and bistro

Not only soup, but also amazing meals can be found at the Supa Supa bistro, located on Dřevěná Street and near Republic Square. On weekdays they serve three types of soup, and you can also order from their two or three other main food options to complete the meal. Vegans will have no trouble finding something to eat here, they serve gluten-free food here every day of the week.