Italian Cuisine

Looking to find some Italian in Pilsen?

Where can you go in the city to find the best pizza or order true Italian risotto? Take your pick from any one of our tips for pizzerias and Italian restaurants. Next all you need to do is match the right wine to your meal and you’ll feel transported to the Mediterranean Sea!

Pizzerie Da Pietro

While enjoying a stroll through the city’s green belt of garden, a short walk from the Great Theatre, you’re sure to run into the Da Pietro pizzeria. Here pizza makes its way directly from the oven to your table. Fluffier Neapolitan pizza we have yet to find in Pilsen. The F1 rider Mika Häkkinen himself even praised the pizza upon his visit to the city.

Osteria Martinská

A beautiful place in the heart of the city, serving up a wide selection of home-made pasta, pizza and Italian wine. That’s how we would describe the Osteria Martinská restaurant. Osteria’s pizzas, however, are for true food lovers. They’re so big they often don’t even fit on the plate. If you ask us, the best choice you can make for lunch is ordering a half’n’half pizza for two and some affogato as a sweet conclusion to the meal.

Restaurace Rango

Rango is one of the most popular restaurants in Pilsen, where part of the building is located in the city’s stone-structure underground. Here a romantic, candle-lit dinner is guaranteed. While perusing the menu you’ll find amazing pizza, pasta, risotto and light salads. You should also definitely choose something from the wine bar.

Ristorante Budino

Not far from Mill Race park you’ll find the restaurant Budino, where you have a view from your table directly into the kitchen. This way you can be sure that all the ingredients going into your food are of the highest quality. Here when you order carbonara, you know in advance that you’re getting real carbonara with pancetta and not just pasta with ham and egg.


If you don’t mind eating a bit outside the city centre, head over to Pilsen’s Lochotín neighbourhood and visit the restaurant Pulcinella. Here you can choose between a wide selection of fresh pasta, pizza and deserts. If you like pizza with a creamy base, Pulcinella is the place for you.

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