Bolevec Ponds

The Bolevec Ponds rank high amongst the localsfavourite places to spend their free time. Travelling to the ponds from the city wont take you any time at all. You can even come here to enjoy a walk with your family, the pathways have been made to accommodate both bikes and prams. The ponds entice locals and tourists alike to go for a swim during the summer months, and, of course, theres ice skating and hockey played here during the winter. You should have no trouble at all finding a number of the Bolevec Ponds once you reach Pilsens city boundaries.

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All year round

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Free of charge

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Bolevecký rybník

U Kondrů

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Velký Bolevecký rybník
323 00 Pilsen

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The Large and Small Bolevec Ponds, Kamenný Pond, Šídlovský Pond, Košinář Pond, Senecký Pond, Nováček Pond, Vydymáček Pond, Třemošenský Pond… The Bolevec Ponds are made up of quite a few different bodies of water. Many of them originated in the middle of the 15th century. You can find them located just outside the city, along Pilsen’s northern border. They’re near enough to the city that you can even take public transportation to get there.

Paths for everyone – cyclists, wheelchair users and prams

The Bolevec Ponds are interwoven with a network of bike paths, footpaths and unmarked walkways. You will also find paths suitable for in-line roller skating, including two leisurely, barrier-free tracks perfect for wheelchair users and prams. You can head out for a pleasant walk around the Sofronka Arboretum or any of the Bolevák, Šídlovský, or Kamenný Ponds. You’ll also find a more challenging path that goes passed the Kolomazná Oven (Pitch Oven) all the way to the Krkavec observation tower. There are several places that will act as a perfect starting point for your day’s adventure: the final stop for tram no. 4 (Košutka), the final stop for tram no. 1 (Bolevec), the Ostend Autocamp and the car park near the Large Bolevec Pond dam.

Ostend Beach at the Large Bolevec Pond

You’ll find everything you’d expect from a good beach at Ostend. Clear water, sand, a pier, beach chair and umbrella rentals and even the welcoming Point bistro, which offers a wide selection of food options. You can also rent a boat, paddle boat or paddle board during the summer. Children and adults alike can get a kick out of the jumbo trampolines at the Jump Arena, open during the summer season. In addition, secluded areas of the beach are used by nude beachgoers. Apart from the Large Bolevec Pond, there are other places you can go swimming, including the Kamenný Pond.

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