Bory Park

Bory Park is both the largest and most visited park in Pilsen, even though its located a short ways away from the infamous Bory Prison. This is a nice place to go for a run, walk or just to enjoy something good to eat.

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Borský park
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Borský park
301 00 Pilsen

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Back in its day, Bory Park used to be the largest park in the region and was used as a military exercise area. Nevertheless, for the past 100 years its served locals as a pleasant background for walks and other free-time activities. Bory Park was recently reconstructed, with the central grass area having been redone, alongside various paths and walkways.

Sports activities for everyone

You can find a number of children’s playgrounds here. You can even play minigolf or go in-line roller skating, go for a run or enjoy a picnic out on the grass. Everything from football to frisbee as well as the odd game of quidditch is played out on the open grassy area. If you feel inclined to join in on the action, don’t shy away from joining any of the people playing. In addition, there are several sports arenas in the area, including the very tennis courts which were used by the famous Pilsen-based tennis stars Bára Strýcová and Andrea Sestini Hlaváčková at the beginning of their careers. Also be sure to keep your eyes open to all the welcoming restaurants and other businesses with various food choices on offer. Additionally, the park is home to several events ‒ such as the circus festival Žonglobalizace (featured in the photos). Stated simply, Bory Park is the place where you can enjoy a pleasant afternoon with everything you could possibly need.

Hand monument

While out on a walk through the central grassy area, you’re sure to come across the Ruka (Hand) statue. The monument is dedicated to the Pilsen native Jiří Trnka as well as to all the other artists whose creations influenced the city. The creator of the sculpture is Josef Mištera, a graduate from Pilsen’s Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art.

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