Burgher’s Hall

This Neo-Renaissance building of Burgher’s Hall (Měšťanská beseda) stands out with its glorious Art-Nouveau decor and interior. Since it was completed in 1901, the Hall has served as both a social and cultural hub. Balls, dances, concerts, theatre performances as well as other events are held here. Every year in September the theatre becomes the primary centre for the Finále film festival.

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Kopeckého sady 13
301 00 Pilsen

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Right in the centre of Kopeckého sady, not too far from the Slovan hotel, you will find the wondrously decorated Měšťanská beseda. At the turn of the last century, it was built by the citizens of Pilsen whose association shares the same name as the inscription placed by the city above the podium in the building’s Great Hall. Inside you’ll find a number of social halls and lounges, a café in the Art-Nouveau style, the Beseda Cinema Club and Jonáš Theatre.


Měšťanská beseda’s calendar boasts a wide range of events and performances. The touring shows, held in the Great Hall, regularly outsell leading Czech theatres. The Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as artists both local and from abroad, hold concerts here. The Hall is primarily used for social events during the ball season. The Beseda Cinema is the only cinema club in Pilsen, which is evident in its rich programme. Měšťanská beseda offers a diverse calendar, suitable for viewers of all ages, including children and seniors.

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