Gambrinus Brewery

The tour ‘How Beer is Brewed’ will take you inside the heart of the Gambrinus Brewery. You will learn more about the Brewery’s history, the method they used for making the beer as well as both the original and current production areas. You can also examine, smell and even taste test the real ingredients from which Gambrinus makes its products at the exposition of the senses. Degustation is waiting for you in the beer cellars and you can learn how to tap beer in the historic brewhouse.

Opening hours

Only a group tour is currently available. It must be booked in advance.

Admission fee

Adults CZK 250
Children, students, seniors CZK 200

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U Prazdroje 7
301 00 Pilsen

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When visiting Pilsen, it’s more or less a requirement for every beer lover to visit the Pilsner Urquell Brewery for a tour. Just as the thousands of tourists before you, you will get to see the Brewery’s modern operations, familiarize yourself with the main ingredients and history of this world-renowned brewery and taste the celebrated, bottom-fermented lager in its unfiltered form while standing in the building’s historic cellars. Assuming you’ve already taken this tour or you’re just looking for a slightly more unique experience, we recommend trying the new tour through the Gambrinus Brewery.


A bus will take you from the visitor centre straight to the brewmaster, where immediately a small taste test will be waiting to greet you. Your tour guide will take you on a journey to both of Gambrinus’ historic and currently-operational brewhouses and you will find out plenty of interesting facts about this smaller, and maybe less well-known, brother of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery. It’s during your tour that you’ll discover just what Gambrinus brings to the table.  You will have the opportunity to visit the uniquely preserved fermentation room, where you will discover how beer was fermented in the past. Then you learn how beer is fermented today in cylindrical-conical tanks, which utilize only the newest of technologies. Here you will also get to taste beer while still in its maturing process.

Toward the end of your tour you will return to the historic brewhouse, which dates back to 1869, where you can learn how to draft beer under the watchful eye and helpful hand of one of the local barmen. You will learn more about the principles of correct beer care, various types of drafting and taste unpasteurized and unfiltered Gambrinus beer as well as beer from the brewmaster’s Choice Selection. Under their experienced guidance you will also learn the correct way to tap beer.

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