ZEVO Incineration Plant Chotíkov

The communal waste incineration plant in Chotíkov is one of the most modern institutions of its kind. Two years ago an information centre was opened here, where visitors are interactively shown how the plant operates and performs ecological water management.

Opening hours

The Information Centre
is open every Saturday from
9:00 -16:30

Perfect for children ages 10 and up.

Admission fee

Free of charge

For booking contact Mrs. Iveta Čížková (iveta.cizkova@plzenskateplarenska.cz)

Public transport stop

The incineration plant is located 11 km from Pilsen. No public transport access.

Chotíkov 492, Chotíkov

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The ZEVO Pilsen facilities, which create electric power from waste, are a modern and ecological operation, energetically utilizing a wide spectrum of waste products. The thermal energy created via the incineration process is used to provide heat throughout the area of the entire city and to make electric energy. Sound’s simple, right? Or, maybe it doesn’t… You can find out for yourself how the incineration plant works by going for a tour of the local information centre.

Incineration plant information centre

Due to safety precautions, of course, you won’t be able to see the entire incineration process with your own eyes. Nevertheless, tours are held in the modern information centre, where you will discover everything crucial to the world of waste management. This interactive exposition offers both a virtual tour and operation simulator of the plant. Here you will learn what happens to the waste products in the incinerator and how the energy it creates is then used.

Would you like to know more?

The incineration plant in Chotíkov recovers mixed municipal waste, which is stored in the complex in a closed exhaust bunker and used for energy on a grate plant. The energy of the thermal combustion products is used to create steam, which then produces electric energy. A portion of this steam is steered away from the turbine and used to create hot water, which is then supplied to the Pilsen heating plant network. Finally, iron scrap is recycled from the slag generated during waste incineration.

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