Mill Race

Without a doubt one of the most pleasant places to enjoy a sit down in a park is the Mill Race (in Czech Mlýnská strouha), also known as Pilsen’s Venice. This relaxing area, complete with a small artificial lake and surrounded by nothing but lush vegetation, is part of the city’s green belt of gardens. You can find it just outside the city centre, not a stone’s toss from the FC Victoria Pilsen stadium, nestled halfway between Republic Square and the brewery grounds.

Opening hours

The small lake is shut off during the winter months.

Admission fee

Free of charge

Public transport stop

Anglické nábřeží
01 02

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Mlýnská strouha
301 00 Pilsen

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The history of Venice in Pilsen

The Mill Race used to be one of the dead-end branches of the Radbuza River. It was used to push water through the Manor mill, but was also used as a water reservoir, together with the nearby water tower. The river was later filled in during the 90s due to the main watercourse growing in strength near where the hydroelectric plant was built. Even in those days, this area provoked a considerable wave of resentment, so it is no wonder that after many decades, the city decided to revive the place.

Born again

After its reconstruction, the Mill Race became Park of the Year in 2010. Tourists and locals alike have been drawn here ever since. Apart from the benches and expansive lawn areas, this park is sure to catch your eye with its colourful, interactive statues that not only serve as decoration, but also as climbing frames for children to enjoy.

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