Moving Station

By visiting the building that once housed the Jižní Předměstí (South Suburb) Train Station, you can discover an inspirational cultural space for contemporary art, education and entertainment. You can also find a cup of coffee at Moving Café, an exhibit in the former train station hall or attend one of the many cultural events, which are held here all year round to the sound of passing trains.

Opening hours

Friday 10:0019:00
same hours for days when events are held
16. 7. – 11. 9. 2022 CLOSED

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Admission fees vary for each event

Public transport stop

Jižní Předměstí
10 15 16 22

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Koperníkova 56,
Most Ivana Magora Jirouse
301 00 Pilsen

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A cultural centre in a train station

The connection of railway stops ‘Plzeň – Jižní Předměstí’ were originally created by two adjacent train station buildings, which are divided by the Bridge of Ivan Martin Jirous. The older of the two buildings was taken out of operation during the 1990s. The cultural centre of ‘Moving Station – Hemžící se zastávka’ was completed here in 2000, and it became the location for concerts, exhibitions and theatre performances. The building underwent reconstruction and a modern theatre hall was added, as Pilsen was set to win the European Capital of Culture for 2015. These improvements only went on to help expand the base of collaborating artists and to support new talents through artistic residencies.


There are many traditional events held at Moving Station, including the International Film Festival and other film festivals like One World, SCANDI and Tanec Praha. You can also attend one of the regular Improv Competitions nicknamed “Jižák” (”Southie”), where two teams compete against one another in the discipline of improvisational theatre, with the subject matter being chosen by the viewers.

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