Pilsen City Hall

A renaissance-age gem can be found right on the main Republic Square – Pilsen City Hall, which has remained in operation since its construction.  It was built according to the plans of Giovanni de Statia, an Italian architect, from 1554-1559 as one of the first renaissance-style city halls in Bohemia.

Opening hours

Monday Sunday

Admission fee

Entrance to the City Halls entrance hall is free of charge.

Public transport stop

Náměstí Republiky
01 02

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náměstí Republiky 1
301 00 Pilsen

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The City Hall building

Allegedly, the City Hall building is the most beautiful, renaissance-age structure of its kind this side of the Alps. The building is also ranked among some of Pilsen’s most precious homes. The entrance hall on the first floor, or the so-called “maashaus”, is open to the general public. Occasional expositions are held in this space, which used to be the largest covered public area in the city, while simultaneously serving as the armoury. A model of the historic heart of the city at a 1:200 scale is located in the room behind the entrance hall. The main hall, also known as the Ceremonial Hall, can be found on the first floor. It’s here that weddings and various social events are held. The Chamber Hall is on the second floor, and publicly accessible meetings of Pilsen City Council are regularly held here.


City Hall is adorned with sgraffito, depicting the symbol of the city of Pilsen; the three Bohemian lords (Wenceslas II, John of Bohemia and Rudolf II), and an allegory of the trades and functions in which City Hall has been involved (e.g. law and justice). The artist responsible for the sgraffito is architect Jan Koula, and it was applied during the building’s extensive renovations around the beginning of the 20th century (1907‒1914).

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