Purkmistr Beer Spa

Whether it’s summer or winter, taking some time off to relax is always a welcome thought. In Pilsen you can enjoy a rather non-traditional method of relaxation – a beer bath. This one-of-a-kind experience can only be had at the Purkmistr Brewery Beer Spa. Here you can take a load off by laying in a bath of bottom-fermented beer, combined with a special mix of herbs and oils.


Opening hours

Due to the limited capacity you must book your treatment in advance by phone (+420 377 994 366)

Admission fee

Single bath CZK 1100
Double bath CZK 2200

Public transport stop

Generála Lišky
10 13

Search connection

Selská náves 21/2
326 00 Pilsen – Černice

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You will find Pilsen’s only beer spa, hidden away in the cosy ambience of the Purkmistr Brewery courtyard. It’s here that you can enjoy a relaxing experience in one of the spa’s single or double beer baths, which have been specifically made for Purkmistr from larch wood. Beer baths aside, the brewery also offers a wide array of other wellness treatments. Beer is being made right in the courtyard of this microbrewery, which is why we would recommend also embarking on a tour of the facilities, and then ending your day’s journey with dinner in the restaurant, complete with a beer tasting board.

Healing baths filled with beer

The fact that beer is a beverage which contains an entire series of ingredients beneficial to the body can be seen in the continuous rise in the popularity of beer baths. These ingredients are not only salutary when consumed, but also favourable to your body’s exterior. It’s more than only beer lovers who are interested in relaxing at Purkmistr’s Beer Spa thanks to the beer’s special properties. These properties include vitamin B, hops and herbal extracts, which have all been proven to have positive effects on your skin and hair.

A hot spa is the basis for every beer bath, and it is prepared each time according to Purkmistr’s own recipe. The main ingredients, however, are the same as anywhere else – beer, brewer’s yeast and an herbal mix. A single beer bath lasts 30 minutes, and, keeping in mind the relatively high temperature of the water (usually ranging between 34 and 38 °C), it’s crucial you pay attention to the regular supply of liquids. For this very reason, a tap has been installed on every bath. Each visitor can use this tap to then pour beer into their bath themselves. After the treatment has ended, guests are advised to take at least a 20-minute rest.

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