Techmania Science Center

Pilsen’s Techmania Science Center is perfect for families and school field trips alike, no matter the weather. It’s located in the historic factory halls in the middle of Škoda Works’ industrial zone. Apart from the countless number of interactive exhibits and classic expositions, you can also visit the only 3D planetarium in the Czech Republic or inspect the controversial piece of art Entropa by the sculptor David Černý

Opening hours

Tuesday – Friday
8:30 – 17:00

Saturday – Sunday
10:00 – 18:00

Admission fee

Basic ticket CZK 280
Family ticket CZK 1040
(4 people, more children +100 CZK each)
Group tours (more than 10 people) CZK 240/person

Children ages 3 and younger free of charge

Public transport stop

15 17 18 22

Search connection

U Planetária 1
301 00 Pilsen

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What can I expect from Techmania?

Techmania’s science shows, brain teasers, demonstrations, both classic and interactive expositions, unexpected experiments and non-traditional workshops are sure to convince visitors that science isn’t all that hard. Actually, it can be quite fun! It’s much easier to learn about the various laws of physics, natural phenomena and optical illusions here than it is sitting at a desk at school. The interactive exhibits will help you to understand how and why different things work. The best part is you don’t have to just sit around, flipping through pictures in an encyclopaedia or watching a natural scientific documentary. Here you can actually try things out for yourself.

Something for everyone

Techmania has expositions for people of all ages. That even includes exhibits for children as young as 3, which help them as they begin to discover the world. Younger visitors are often also excited by the exposition from the Czech television program ČT 😀 (Czech Television for Kids). Another section of the Techmania Science Center invites older children to the mysterious world of chemistry and physics. Here they can match their strength against creatures from the animal kingdom or examine the world that lies under the globe’s seas and oceans.

The Universe exposition is also quite intriguing. It’s here that brave individuals can find out what it’s like to feel completely weightless with the help of a large gyroscope. Visitors will also want to check out the 3D Planetarium, which offers a wide assortment of shows, including trips to the Moon, discovering the origins of the Earth as well as enjoying a number of various animated films. And, of course, with Techmania being located in a former factory hall, there is also a segment dedicated to the history of Pilsen’s Škoda Works.

Current events

In addition, Techmania hosts varying thematic programs, special events and suburban camps. There is always something going on here..

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