Tourist Information Centre

You can find the Tourist Information Centre located in Pilsen’s historical city centre, right on the main city square (náměstí Republiky) and next to the Town Hall building. The second Tourist Information Centre has been opened at the main train station (Plzeň – hlavní nádraží). Both of them are open every day. You will find there all of your needed information, and can purchase souvenirs as well. The Info Centre employees will even assist you in arranging accommodation. You can be sure that our colleagues will do everything they can to never answer one of your questions with an “I don’t know”.


Opening hours

Monday – Saturday
09:00 – 18:00

09:00 – 15:00

Admission fee

We provide information for tourists free of charge.


Telephone – Tourist Information Centre on the main square (náměstí Republiky): +420 378 035 330
Telephone – Tourist Information Centre at the main train station (Plzeň – hlavní nádraží): +420 722 989 952

Public transport stop

Náměstí Republiky
01 02

Hlavní nádraží
01 02

Search connection

náměstí Republiky 41
301 00 Pilsen

Paluba Hamburk
(at the main train station)
301 00 Pilsen

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Free information

  • We provide information about places in Pilsen and the surrounding region that hold interest for tourists. Here you will receive all the practical information that will help make your stay in Pilsen more pleasant.
  • We offer a line of informational material in multiple languages for tourists. We will give you a free map.
  • Should you be interested, we would be glad to arrange accommodation for you in one of Pilsen’s hotels or guest houses.

Purchasable souvenirs and other services

  • We sell post cards, postage stamps, public transport tickets and special tourist tickets.
  • We offer tourist stamps and visiting cards as well as a wide assortment of souvenirs.
  • We may also provide you with bike route maps, tourist guides and books.
  • In addition, we sell tickets for tours of the Loos Interiors as well as tickets for commentated, thematic tours of the city.
  • We make copies, scans and offer public internet.

Guide services

The Pilsen – TOURISM organization also ensures guide services via the Tourist Information Centre. Alongside the seasonal thematic tours of the historical city centre for individual visitors, we also provide a wide range of services for groups, and those services include:

  • Classic commentated tours of the historical city centre
  • Advent tours focused on Christmas customs and traditions
  • Combined tours of the city and the Pilsner Urquell Brewery
  • Commentated tours of the Loos Interiors and the museum Patton Memorial Pilsen
  • Commentated tours of other tourist destinations
  • Single-day group excursions based on what you would like to see
  • Accommodation arrangements

We offer quantity discounts to groups that regularly use our services. Download our catalogue of services for groups.

The second Tourist Information Centre at the main train station

  • Since July 15, 2021, the second Tourist Information Centre has been opened, directly in the area of the main train station (Plzeň – hlavní nádraží).
  • Czech and foreign tourists who come to Pilsen by train and do not know the city can use our services immediately upon arrival. Before departure, you can stock up on gifts from Pilsen, souvenirs and tips for your next visit.
  • All services for tourists are available in the Tourist Information Centre at the main train station, only so far there is no advance ticket sale.
  • There are also snack stalls, a café and lockable bike boxes in the area.

Lookout tower

  • In the area of the Tourist Information Centre at the main train station is also a 12 meter high lookout tower, from which visitors can enjoy the view of the train station and the city centre.

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