Modern Cuisine

Are you ready to try something unconventional?

We have prepared a list of places where you can taste and enjoy modern Czech gastronomy as well as a variety of colorful dishes from all over the world.

Pivstro – Brewhemian Beer Bistro

This beer bistro combines a number of types of draft beer from micro breweries with North American cuisine. Among others, you’ll find House Ale from the Zhůřák micro brewery on tap, beer brewed specifically for the Pivstro bar, Belgian Delirium Tremens as well as Pilsner Urquell 12°s.

Srdcovka Corso

The Srdcovka restaurant, located on the edge of the Kopeckého sady Park, takes their original concept for cuisine that combines the old with the modern to the next level. Here you can indulge in both local and worldwide menu options, including food, grilled over wood charcoal, and delicious Pilsen beer, drawn straight from the tank. You’ll find traditional meals as well as novel specialties made with seasonal ingredients on this restaurant’s daily menu.

Da Pietro Grill

Right next to the renowned Da Pietro pizzeria in the Smetonovy sady park area, you’ll find the Da Pietro Grill, which enthrals with its Neapolitan street food, incredible burgers, as well as its intriguing menu of natural wines. They also offer steaks cooked right before your eyes on the restaurant’s grill.

The Restaurant Za oponou

Behind the curtain at the New Theatre in Pilsen, you’ll find a place to eat with the fitting name “The Restaurant Behind the Curtain”. This welcoming and cosy restaurant is open not only to actors, musicians, and other theatre goers but to the public as well. You’ll want to visit here for a glass of select Moravian wine and a wonderful dinner before that evening’s theatrical performance begins. Here they also hold regular degustations as well as wine and food pairings.

Zlatá kráva Bandaska

Not far from Republic Square, a beer bistro from the farmer’s brewery Zlatá kráva (Golden Cow) of Nepomuk has opened shop. Here they offer refreshing lagers as well as semi-dark specialties and even wheat beer. And as soon as you see all the delicious options made in the kitchen, you won’t know what to pick first.

Comix Kitchen & Bar

The restaurant Comix (found in Skyscraper Bohemia on the street Anglické nábřeží) offers honest, modern Czech cuisine as well as specialties from around the world. Whether you’re in the mood for a steak, burger, or ribs, the local head chef prepares meals that are delicious until the very last bite. Here the interesting interior is decorated with comic book drawings, and, of course, you’ll find top-of-the-line, draft Pilsner as well.

Štipec – nejen bistro v Riegrovce (more than just a bistro on Riegrova Street)

Štipec is further proof that Riegrova is quickly becoming the main street for all “foodies”. Here you’ll find a pleasant bistro with outdoor seating that specialises in potato loksha filled with shredded meat, fresh vegetables and cheese, or even a sweet filling.

Angus Steak House

If you love grilled steaks, quality meat, and a romantic atmosphere, head out from the city square and through the small streets to the restaurant Angus Steak House, located in the Mill Race, a.k.a. Pilsen’s Venice. This delightful place with its artificial lake, all surrounded by greenery, is part of the city’s belt of gardens, and it’s here you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere on the terrace near the water.