Newly opened food and drink spots in Pilsen

Inspiration is always a welcomed sight, and the same can be said in the field of gastronomy. Slowly but surely, Pilsen is becoming a gastronomic powerhouse. We’ve prepared a few tips for you on newly-opened establishments that are truly worth a visit. Come and see for yourself. Fans of Arabic cuisine, street food, quality wine, Spanish tapas, great coffee, and sweets will find what they’re looking for here. Bon appetite!

Snax food bar

You can stop by the newly-opened Snax foodbar near the sady Petatřicátníků Street for incredible street food and craft beer. At Palackého 8 (map), you can dig into burgers, hotdogs, quesadillas, and even fish and chips. Amongst the draft beer options, you’ll find several beer styles by Honza Ilgner, the founder and owner of The Barn Beer Company brewery, including beers from his family brewery Radouš. The food bar also offers a cosy outdoor terrace for seating in the inner courtyard.

Prostě bistro!

Prostě bistro! has moved from its location on Kardinála Berana Street to Americká 4 (map). And this new address is the perfect fit! Here you can choose from various plates of hummus, tortillas and sandwiches, salads, and vegetable shakshoukas and moussakas. Both vegetarians and vegans can eat here. You’ll find this Arabic bistro right by the Thank You, America! monument on the U Práce Street intersection.

Zmrzlina (by Walter Mitty)

During the summer, Walter Mitty opened a new ice cream shop called Zmrzlina, where you’ll find a wide assortment of scooped ice cream. The shop is located right next to the café Walter at Smetanovy sady 12 (map). Each scoop costs 34 CZK.



On the corner of Riegrovka Street and Sedláčkovka Street (map), you’ll find the café Cavino. This café boasts a beautiful, spacious interior with a pleasant atmosphere and staff. You can come here not only in the morning for breakfast but also in the afternoon or even for some light food, a glass of wine, and some tapas.

Veri Wine

A new wine bar with a wine cellar in the historical city centre has opened up for lovers of quality wines. You’ll find Veri Wine on Rooseveltova Street (map), directly across from the café Kafec. You can enjoy delicious wines from Southern Moravia in the cosy wine cellar and even dance along to the live music. They also hold wine tastings here as well as various social events and contests.


Who doesn’t know the café chain Starbucks? But did you know we have a newly-opened branch in Pilsen? You’ll find it on the ground floor of the Plzeň Plaza (map) shopping centre. Drop by for your Pumpkin Spice Latte, caramel Frappuccino, or a slice of cake.

La Donuteria

As you can probably guess from the name, a giant selection of donuts awaits you at La Donuteria, both with and without fillings. There are even special vegan and low-sugar options available. You can enjoy these delicious American donuts at Sedláčkova 21 (map). And aside from the donuts, the staff will happily make you some coffee and even a birthday cake upon prior arrangement.

Cafe Dáma a Král

At the start of September, the new, retro café Dáma a Král opened its doors at Františkánská 4 (map), in the passageway next to the fabric store Dům látek. Aside from the excellent coffee and cakes, you’ll find an interesting interior here fitted with retro design elements. In the morning, the staff will prepare a wonderful breakfast for you. The café has a children’s corner and is dog-friendly, so feel free to visit with both your little ones and four-legged friends.