Enjoy Pilsen like a local

The most photographable places around Pilsen

Where can you go around Pilsen to take the best pictures? If you’ve run out of inspiration for nice photos, then we’ve got plenty of recommendations for you of places around Pilsen that are easily accessible by car, bike, and even on foot. For some, you may need to go a bit farther, but they’re most definitely worth it. If you end up using any of our tips, don’t forget to tag us by adding #visitplzen.

How to enjoy Easter in Pilsen?

Easter is the largest Christian holiday around the world and many traditions and symbols go along with it. This year, Easter Monday falls on April 1, making the last weekend in March the ideal time to experience the celebrations in Pilsen. With the four-day weekend, you might feel like you’ve had enough of braided Easter whips, baking sweat bread, and colouring eggs, meaning you can choose something else from our Easter programme. In this article, we’ve got tips for you on how to enjoy Easter in Pilsen to the fullest. And don’t hesitate, Pilsen truly has something special planned this year!

Where to go in Pilsen for specialty beers

Dry February is behind us, spring is finally in the air, and the first businesses have already opened their outdoor seating. And it’s during the first days of spring that the hot drinks can finally move aside for delicious chilled beers. We’ve already given you tips on where to get the best Pilsner 12°, but what other tasty specialty beers and new items can you look forward to this following season?

BLIK BLIK Festival Guide

One of the largest festivals of light and visual arts in the Czech Republic will once again return to Pilsen. This year the festivities start on March 22-23 from 19h until midnight. Artists from the worlds of laser mapping, video mapping, giant static projections, and interactive light displays will demonstrate their custom artwork in 16 different locations. And this year, you can expect the most expansive festival yet, including a rich accompanying programme  On other days, you can also visit the unique Light Scapes exhibit or the “echoes” of the festival at the Kaolin Mine in Nevřeň.

Stroll through Pilsen for street art

For many years, Pilsen was shrouded in a grey coat of totalitarian buildings and industrial factories, which led many a Pilsen native to gloomy thoughts. However, all this has changed in recent years. The historical centre has undergone renovations and once unwelcoming places have gained a unique atmosphere thanks to the festival of street art, Wallz. This festival breathed a new and more colourful life into many of Pilsen’s streets. Today, the city shines thanks to the talented artists from all over the world, who transformed at least some of these formally abandoned locations with their graffiti and murals. Let’s take a look at a few of them here.

February in Pilsen – the season of traditions

In Pilsen, the winter months belong to banqueting and old, near-forgotten traditions. It’s a time full of pig roasting, Masopust parades, carnivals, and balls. The breweries start brewing their Easter specials, which will ripen during Lent. What does this season look like in Pilsen and which traditions can you expect to run into during your visit here?

Which Pilsen events can you look forward to in 2024?

Even in the new year, the Pilsen events calendar looks as interesting as ever. The schedule includes everything from traditionally loved events like the beer festivals and the Liberation celebrations, to intriguing events like The Year of Czech Music 2024 and the Sting concert at the local amphitheatre. We’ve prepared an overview for you of the TOP events in Pilsen that you definitely won’t want to miss. Whether you’re visiting Pilsen for its monuments, the brewery, or just for fun, there’s certainly something for you.

More than 5 reasons why you should plan a trip to Pilsen in 2024

When’s a better time to start making bold holiday and travel plans than the very start of the new year? This way, you’ll have something to look forward to, and Pilsen should surely be included in your itinerary. Of course, taking a trip to West Bohemia is a great idea all year round, and yet, we’ve prepared a current overview of new events and interesting cultural feats for the following year, ensuring you won’t miss out on anything important.

Advent Pilsen will enchant you with its unique atmosphere

If there’s any time of year that Pilsen truly shines, it would be the Advent season. During Christmas time, the city is submerged by a festive atmosphere. Every stroll through the historical city centre will take you past the Advent market, which entices with its delicious mulled wine, live Nativity Scene, and intriguing selection of gifts. During Advent, you can visit Pilsen’s main tourist destinations, including the Pilsner Urquell Brewery, the Great Synagogue, and St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral with Pilsen’s highest tower. Your view over the Christmas decorations will come as welcomed bonus.

Newly opened food and drink spots in Pilsen

Inspiration is always a welcomed sight, and the same can be said in the field of gastronomy. Slowly but surely, Pilsen is becoming a gastronomic powerhouse. We’ve prepared a few tips for you on newly-opened establishments that are truly worth a visit. Come and see for yourself. Fans of Arabic cuisine, street food, quality wine, Spanish tapas, great coffee, and sweets will find what they’re looking for here. Bon appetite!

Trips by train 1 hour or less from Pilsen

Travelling by train has an unmistakable magic to it. Surely everyone enjoys the regular swaying and rhythm of a moving train. And if we then add other pluses like how comfortable they are, the option to ride with a pram, and cheaper travel with a discounted Pilsen Tourist ticket, taking a trip by train makes for a great idea. You can comfortably embark on a trip along the tracks from Pilsen to every corner of the world. Unsure where to go? Here are a few tips for trips by train that take 1 hour or less.

Five interesting things you didn’t know about Pilsner Urquell Brewery

The spectacular celebrations for the 181th anniversary of the first batch ever made of the world-famous Pilsner Urquell beer took place in October right on the grounds of the brewery, which just so happens to be one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Czech Republic. You can embark on any of the tour routes here throughout the year. You may already be well familiar with the delicious taste of this golden lager, but are you just as familiar with the actual brewery itself?