Best Places to Get a Beer

Not sure where to go for a beer in Pilsen? We can help you there…

You will find many beautiful and stylish pubs in Pilsen. Several of them even specialize in (you guessed it) the local treasure – a well-drafted and quality-made Pilsner, as well as other extraordinary beer specialties. We have several tips for you of places you shouldn’t miss out on.

Bartenders at the U Salzmannů Restaurant in Pilsen

Interested in finding that classic Pilsner beer while in Pilsen?

U Salzmannů

The oldest pub in Pilsen first opened its doors in 1637. Here, in the pub’s stylish atmosphere, you can try not only Pilsners, but also traditional Czech specialties..

Brewery barroom Na Parkánu

This well-known pub, located within an original brewery home, is directly connected to the Brewery Museum. Here they offer traditional lagers, unfiltered Pilsner Urquell and quality Czech gastronomy.

Restaurant Na Spilce

One of the largest restaurants in the Czech Republic. You’ll find it sitting in the Pilsner Urquell Brewery’s courtyard, where it has replaced the former fermentation cellar, i.e. fermentation room. Here you can enjoy seven types of draft beer as well as a wide selection of Czech and foreign cuisine.

Lokál Pod Divadlem

Good beer and home-made food in a retro-style restaurant. Here the beer travels the shortest possible distance, directly from the tank to your half-litre mug. It stays fresh until the last drop and your glass is never empty longer than a few seconds.

Pub and Restaurant Lékárna

A restaurant and alehouse with a direct view of St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral. If you’re searching for the best “šnyt” of Pilsner Urquell 12°, then go straight to Lékárna. Here you’ll find an entire tank of only the highest quality Pilsner.

 Švejk Restaurant U Petatřicátníků

This restaurant provides truly great beer, the smell of traditional Czech food in the air and the stern appearance of Švejk himself, looking down from his carving over the tap bar. Plus, this is the second largest restaurant in Pilsen, with a max. capacity of up to 160 people.

Where to go for beer specialties?

Klub malých pivovarů (Club of Small Breweries)

Eight various beers on tap are offered here every day. Every year they switch between as many as 800 types of beer from 250 different micro breweries from all over Bohemia. And to top it all off, they sell bottled beer from all over the world and prepare top-notch meal options.

Pivstro – Brewhemian Beer Bistro

This beer bistro combines a number of types of draft beer from micro breweries with North American cuisine. Among others, you’ll find House Ale from the Zhůřák micro brewery on tap, beer brewed specifically for the Pivstro bar, Belgian Delirium Tremens as well as Pilsner Urquell 12°s.


V pivotéce a pivním baru v centru Plzně můžete ochutnat z deseti druhů čepovaných piv a několika druhů lahvových. Od ležáků přes piva IPA nebo APA třeba až po belgický Kasteel Rouge.

Raven Pub City & Bolevec

You can try a number of both draft and bottled beers at the Pivotečka pub, located in Pilsen’s city centre. Expect to find anything from IPAs and APAs to Belgium Kasteel Rouge.

A selection of Craft beer from Raven Brewery in Pilsen


Apart from the Pilsner Urquell Brewery, this retro beer café offers beer drafted from the Zhůřák and Raven breweries as well as a fourth (rotating) tap and a fridge full of (not only) Belgian specialties.


To reach this brewery you’ll have to travel from the city centre to Pilsen’s Černice neighbourhood. Nevertheless, the local tasting board won’t have a hard time convincing you to make the trip.

Beer Club ‘The Blue Star’ (Modrá hvězda)

You can taste test some amazing beer, made by the Blue Star Brewery in Dobřany on 13 taps, at this one-of-a-kind beer club in the centre of the city.