Summer trips to swimming pools and more around Pilsen

The moment temperatures start to rise, everyone immediately begins searching for places to cool down and catch some rays. As soon as the city streets become unbearably hot, grab your blanket, swimwear, and set off for the pool! We already gave you a small taste of some of the best options, this time, however, let’s focus on the easily accessible places not far from the city, perfect for you and the whole family. And to ensure your entire day isn’t spent just lying around the water, we’ve also got tips on a few interesting places nearby. So, who’s ready for a swim?

Swimming pool in Nová Huť

Do you enjoy a more peaceful swimming and sunbathing experience? Then head on down to Nová Huť next to Dýšina. The bus service from the centre of Pilsen will take you straight to this outdoor swimming pool located in a neighbourhood alongside the Klabava River, and it’s certainly worth the trip. Admission costs 60 CZK, and you’ll find an artificial reservoir here, complete with a children’s paddling pool and all of the social amenities you could need. Lather on the bronzer while surrounded by forests and an expansive, grassy shore. And if you start to get hungry, you’ll find food options right next to the pool, including all the classic treats and a variety of wines.

And if you’ve had enough relaxing by the water, you can embark on a pleasant trip to the nearby Kokotsko Ponds. You won’t be able to swim here, but you will run into a spring with a funny name, a mysterious rock formation, and animals typical of an exceptionally clean water biotype.

Swimming pool in Líně

Aside from the biggest draws, the next pleasant swimming location can be found in the village of Líně. Although it lies a bit out of the way, on the line between Líně and Sulkov, it’s definitely worth visiting. With an entrance fee of only 30 CZK for adults and 10 CZK for children, it offers water-filled amusement as well as regular, open-air events in summer. There are also horses at pasture nearby, which will help you forget you’re only a few kilometres outside of Pilsen.

And if you find yourself wanting to discover something new, you won’t have to go far. The area is connected to mining activities. The remnants of mining can also be seen in the surrounding area, making a walk to the nearby mining pit Nový rybník and its many species of animal life, certainly worth the visit.

Swimming pool in Tlučná

Between Líně and Nýřany lies another interesting stop for water enthusiasts. The Relaxation Zone and outdoor pool in Tlučná is 6 km outside of Pilsen and offers ample space for playing sports like beach volleyball and all kinds of pool fun, including a slide and paddling pool for children. And if all that leaves you feeling hungry or thirsty, you can head over to the local restaurant with its convenient carpark. As for admission, it’s 100 CZK for adults and 60 CZK for children.

Then if you’re looking to get more out of your trip, you’ll also find a sports complex in the nearby Nýřany, complete with its own pool. And after a day spent relaxing poolside, you’ll surely appreciate a trip to the pleasant observation post, overlooking wild horses and animals in the heart of the Janovský Wetlands. An educational trail will guide you here, which starts in the open area below the motorway bridge, heading towards the town of Úherce.

Kotynka natural swimming pool in Dobřany

In summer, there’s nothing more important than clean swimming water. At the natural pool known as Kotynka in Dobřany near Pilsen, however, they’ve chosen the environmental path. This pool is the area’s largest biotope, where the water is filtered by aquatic plants in filter lagoons. That means zero chemical additives and the water is perfect for anyone with allergies. Admission costs 100 CZK (or 50 CZK for children), and loads of activities await you here aside from swimming.

Play some beach volleyball, ping-pong, pétanque, and order something tasty at the local bistro. And if you’ve chosen to ride your bike here, then good on you. That’s because you now have the option to ride along the bike path all the way to Chotěšov, where you’ll discover the late-Baroque abbey complex. But if history doesn’t interest you, then head off in the direction of Vstiš to see the new farm park and the nearby collection of menhirs (standing stones), where you can stop and contemplate in a moment of serenity.

Natural swimming pool in Blovice

The next trip beyond Pilsen’s borders will take you to another natural swimming biotope. This time, however, we’ll venture south-east to the town of Blovice. You’ll find the local swimming area along the path leading to the Kamensko neighbourhood, where it’s quite literally a paradise for active families thanks to the children’s playground and beach volleyball court, not to mention the pair of self-cleaning ponds. Social amenities are also here, including dressing rooms and food options. Admission is only 50 CZK for adults and 30 CZK for children.

And since you’ll already be close to the Brdy mountains, we recommend a trip to any of the local observation towers. In the nearby town of Čížkov, there’s the 28-metre-tall Na Skále tower, and to the west towards Přeštice, there’s the Kožich Observation Tower. Both offer stunning views of the mountains and their surroundings.