In the season of holidays and hot, summer days, there are few of us thinking of anything other than cooling off in some cold water, laying out on the grass and catching some rays. There’s no need to travel far from Pilsen for some great times at the beach! We’ve made a list of tips for natural lakes, ponds, dams and pools in and around Pilsen, where you can feel refreshed, go for a swim and relax away those blazing summer days. All you have to do is choose which type of swimming you like most.

Bolevec Ponds

Pilsen locals’ favourite swimming place, the Bolevec Ponds can be found a short distance from the city centre, in Pilsen’s Bolevec neighbourhood. Once you arrive, you’ll immediately find a number of ponds to choose from, such as the Kameňák, Šídlovák, Senečák, Košinář nebo Třemošenský Ponds. The largest of all is the Bolevák Pond, which includes great facilities – beaches, bike and inline skating paths, as well as a number of restaurant options. Admission is always free.

Košutka Lake (Košutecké jezírko)

Near Pilsen’s Košutka neighbourhood, you will find a small, natural lake under the hillside, which was created by flooding a sand quarry. The lake is ideal for swimming, although, part of the beach is broken up by steep rocks. Thankfully, accessing the water from the other side is no problem at all, you can lay out here in the sandy beach area. Both restrooms and a playground for children are also available. Swimming is free of charge.

Slovany Pool

The newly reconstructed Slovany Pool offers an indoor swimming area, including swimming lanes and an outdoor pool with a large meadow for lounging. Here you can enjoy the slides, paddling pool and water vortex or relax in the Jacuzzi. Both saunas and a steam room are included in the pool complex. The basic, all-day admission price is only CZK 135 for adults and CZK 110 for children. Families with children have discounted admission.

Lobzy Lake (Lobezské jezírko)

Lobzy Lake can be found in Pilsen’s Lobzy neighbourhood, about thirty minutes from the city centre. The lake is located in a peaceful park, surrounded by greenery. You can relax here on the sandy beach or large, grassy area. Both restrooms and a playground for children are accessible here, free of charge.

Škodaland Lake

The natural lake in Pilsen-Litice is part of the Škodaland sports complex. The water here is filtered biologically and without chlorine, making it suitable for even the smallest of beachgoers. The surroundings of the lake are formed by stones and a sandy beach. Changing rooms as well as lounge chairs and beach umbrellas are available here. The price for single-day entry is CZK 50.

Hracholusky Dam

You can also go swimming at Hracholusky Dam, which is located a mere 25 kilometres from Pilsen. Here you will find facilities perfect for families with small children, as well as recreational homes, cottages and camp sites. And if you find yourself looking for something else to do besides swimming, the right bank of the Mže River holds the remains of Buben Castle, or you can sail around the dam on the legendary steamboat, The Pilsen. Admission to the dam is free.

Černý-Porajt Pond

The Černý-Porajt Pond and its two beaches lies in the forest, approximately 25 kilometres north of Pilsen, near the village of Horní Bělá. You’ll find a car park here as well as a small sports area and food stall. The pond is covered by the trees in the forest, meaning the water doesn’t quite get as much sun as other ponds. Yet, that makes swimming here all the more refreshing. Swimming is free.

Ejpovice Quarry (Ejpovický lom)

The flooded quarry outside the village of Ejpovice, located not far from Pilsen, is a great place for swimming-related activities. You can try your hands at a number of water sports here, including water skiing and wakeboarding. You can even rent a paddle board. Nearby you’ll find a restaurant and options for staying overnight in one of the rentable cottages or camp sites. Admission is free.