Theatres in Pilsen

Pilsen’s J.K. Tyl Theatre and Alfa Theatre are reverend followers of the Pilsen theatre program’s famous traditions. Both have been the recipients of prestigious artistry awards and perform around the entire world with great success, putting on plays for audiences of all ages. In addition, Pilsen is just as proud of its new theatre building, also known as the only new theatre built in the Czech Republic in the last thirty years, as it is of its significant tradition in puppet theatre.

The Josef Kajetán Tyl Theatre

The productions at the Josef Kajetán Tyl Theatre in Pilsen tie into the city’s long-standing tradition of theatre. Currently, this four-ensemble theatre has operas, dramas, ballets, operettas and even musicals in its repertoire. Since 2015, it has had two permanent stages, the Great Theatre and the New Theatre. Apart from the grandiose, neo-renaissance building housing the Great Theatre with its rich decorations, designed by architect Antonín Balšánek in 1902, you will also want to visit the modern stage housed by the New Theatre. Either way, there’s no question a unique experience is offered by both. Even though each building belongs to a separate century, they can both be found among the city’s architectural jewels.

Alfa Theatre

Alfa Theatre is as much connected to the famed, long-standing tradition of marionettes as Pilsen is to beer. Significant figures such as Josef Skupa and Jiří Trnka make up part of this tradition as well. Even Spejbl and Hurvínek were conceived in Pilsen. Although the theatre offers an array of performances for school and kindergarten-age children, Alfa Theatre also has performances tailored for audiences of all ages. The Theatre’s ever-growing collection of plays begins with classic fairy tales, but continues onward to delight its viewers with something new, such as a modern twist on Hamlet or a humorous rendition of James Bond. The fifteen-member ensemble favours comedic theatre adaptations. Alfa Theatre has also seen success abroad in international theatre festivals.

Theatre Dialogue

You can find shows performed by 12 of Pilsen’s amateur theatre ensembles, who primarily concentrate on dramas, in the Theatre Dialogue program. The ensembles listed in the program perform at open-studio theatres. Even though these shows are typically put on by amateur actors, you’re sure to enjoy your time spent at any one of these theatres. The prestige of Czech theatre on the European stage has been established by several performances, including Přelet, which was chosen to represent the Czech Republic at the European festival held in Paderborn, Germany.

Where else can I go to see theatre performances?

Apart from the theatres mentioned above, there are still smaller theatres as well as other institutions in Pilsen that are worth a visit. Prominent Czech ensembles regularly perform at the theatre Burgher´s Hall (Měšťanská Beseda) as part of their travelling routine. You can also find interesting theatre performances or improve nights on the Moving Station program, located at the old train station in Pilsen’s Jižní Předměstí neighbourhood.

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