Tips for Trips by Foot

Going for a nice walk is always appreciated, especially when nature is located just a few steps from the city. That’s exactly the case in Pilsen, which is why we’re happy to help inspire you with a few relaxed walks through the city and beyond. Each overview will include a map with the path marked and a number of tips of where you can stop for lunch, find a drink to quench your thirst, or discover something interesting along the way.

Walking trip through nature from Bory to Slovany

We primarily recommend this trip to families with kids, as nearly the entire path leads you through beautiful nature scenes, where children can also play on one of the three playgrounds along the route.

You could even manage the relatively easy walk from Bory to Slovany with a pram. Be sure to take a snack from home with you, otherwise, your reward in the form of refreshments will be waiting for you at the end of the walk. (Continue reading)

A city tour of interesting statues

Do you like art and architecture and are missing tours of beautiful interiors, expositions, and art presentations? Set off with us as we follow the steps of fine art that you would typically miss on your “normal commute”. Which pieces do we find most interesting? (Continue reading)

A country walk through the city

Set out on a pleasant walk while also examining the more rural historical sights. After all, walking is the healthiest and most natural form of movement, and, in Pilsen, there are places and neighbourhoods worth discovering. (Continue reading)

A walk along Pilsen’s street art

If you’re a fan of street art, we have a few tips for you of places you won’t want to miss. (Continue reading)

Autumn stroll around Pilsen rivers

Chlum watchtower in Pilsen