Places to get a burger

Looking to find the best burger possible while in Pilsen?

Gone are the days of only finding fast-food chains when searching for a burger in Pilsen. The art of delicious meat in a soft, yet crunchy, bun have definitely made progress, which is why we are bringing you only the best Pilsen has to offer. You can choose between a wide selection of burger joints, both in and outside the city centre. The list includes not only burgers made with the finest of meats, but also menus with options perfect for you burger-loving vegetarians. You can even get your hands on some gluten-free buns.


This popular restaurant is located a few steps from Pilsen’s Republic Square, and it offers juicy burgers with beef patties, steaks and other goodies. Their burgers come in two sizes and they even offer a meat-free version. Can you handle their largest special; the Juicy Lucy burger and its 290g of meat?

Brunette Burger

At Brunette Burger, the burger joint hidden away on the path to the Brewery Museum and Pilsen’s Historic Underground, you can try what many claim to be the best burgers in Pilsen. The burgers come in three sizes, and the restaurant switches between delicious seasonal specials as the year goes by. There’s truly something for everyone here, and they’re open every day beside Sundays.

Buffalo Burger Bar

At the Buffalo Burger Bar restaurant you will experience food from a wide selection of both American and Tex-Mex cuisine. Choose from a seemingly infinite number of burgers, which they will then make just the way you like. You can then hit the bar and order a cocktail, or two, as a reward for finishing your meal.


This bistro on Masaryk Square, just as its name gives away, sells bagels, or rather jam-packed sandwiches with a doughnut-shape bun. They also make delectable burgers, wraps and salads. Plus, their price-to-product ratio is off the charts, making Bagel’s the ideal place for a quick lunch. They are only open on working days.

Point Bolevák

If you’re going for a walk, bike ride or roller-skating trip to the Large Bolevec Pond, you’ll find two Point bistros right on the waterfront. If you’re planning on ordering a burger here, you definitely won’t be making a mistake. And if you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, you can also get your hands on some sweet tarts, a slice of cake or a cup of coffee to enjoy while sitting next to the water.

Pair a burger with some craft beer

In the competition for the best burger in Pilsen, Pilsen’s beer bistros and bars are holding their own. You can pair burgers and many other delicious meals with interesting, hand-made beers from local breweries in places such as Pivstro – Brewhemian Beer Bistro, both Raven Pub locations (Bolevec and City), and the newly-opened bistro Zlatá kráva Bandaska.

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